Surviving Fashion Transitions

Middle school to high school is a hard transition, filled with questions and a lack of knowledge. So, why would I be comparing school to fashion? Well, unfortunately, fashion has transitions too.

There’s always transitioning when it comes to fashion. With mother nature incapable of being able to make up her mind weather-wise, I feel as if the transition from spring to summer fashion has come super early. The hot and cold weather patterns leave me a little clueless as to what I should be wearing. Throwing on a pair of shorts in March seems early, but yet, the weather can get up to 75 degrees where I live! Obviously, the fashion choices I should be making during this period of time puzzles me. This past week, which was extremely warm, my outfits consisted of skirts and capris, but for many others at my school, it looked as if June was already upon us by the looks of all their short shorts.

Additionally, it doesn’t help that clothing stores are shifting their wardrobe to please all of those buying bathing suits and shorts for spring break, as opposed to the rest of us who are still trying to get by until summer arrives. One week of warm temperatures doesn’t always set the precedence for the whole entire month. Don’t get rid of all your jeans to make room for shorts–it’s still March!

I think I can help a little bit with some advice during the fashion transition times:

  • Regardless of the temperature, layer. You’ll be glad you did. There’s always the question of pairing a cardigan with something. Will it be an extra burden if it becomes warm out? Will you be happy you decided to wear it because the temperature will drop later? Who knows, but either way, bring that cardigan.
  • Accessorize! Obviously, this is a year round way to spice up your outfits, but especially in transition mode, accessories are necessary. If the trends for the transition time are hazy (and they always are), wear plain staple pieces and make them look totally chic with colored necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.
  • Opt for flats over any other type shoe. Sandals and flip flops look too forward, as if you are beckoning for summer and want to skip over spring entirely (yes, summer is great, but spring is full of great fashion opportunities that are not to be missed out on!). And on the opposite spectrum, wearing boots will add a somewhat dull vibe to your outfit, because of how chunky they can appear. Flats, which come in such a large variety of colors, can fit with any outfit and are great for this time of year since the appear light. They also work well for other fashion/season transitions.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy anything too soon for the upcoming season. If you have a budget for your summer wardrobe, and spend it all now, trust me, you’ll regret it. Use it over a period of time. For example, clothing stores will receive clothes suited for the summer in the summer. You could argue that you’d rather buy things for the fall at that point, but a t-shirt will last you through parts of fall too, so don’t rule it out.

Hope this helped! What are your fashion transition tips? Tweet me or comment below.

Until next time, Jamie

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