High-Low Craze

I think the first time I actually saw someone daring enough to wear a high-low skirt was at my friend’s ballet concert. There was a live band playing the music, and one of the girls walked out in a gorgeous but extremely bold high-low skirt. She paired it with Jeffrey Campbell Litas, which really pushed it over the top. Of course, when I first saw the skirt, I didn’t think it was gorgeous–I just thought it was a weird trend that would pass. When it started re-appearing, I re-considered. Just a few nights ago, I was standing in line at TJ Maxx, and saw a girl, about my age, about to purchase her very own high-low dress. I realized the trend was not going anywhere, and slowly between those two sightings, I’ve warmed up to the idea of a high-low skirt and how much I liked it! What I love about these skirts and dresses the most is that it shows your basically fearless when it comes to fashion–not ashamed to wear something a little out of the comfort zone of most people’s everyday style.

I’ve been looking everywhere and cannot seem to find a high-low skirt that I can call my own. Maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong places, but all it does is make me want the skirt even more. Summer is approaching, and I keep putting together outfits in my mind that would look perfect with a simple black-high low skirt. Yet, I still don’t have it!

So I need your help: Where can I get a high-low skirt?

Sites like Brandy Melville have some adorable ones (the picture of the featured skirt is from there), but they are constantly sold out. Also, I’m short, falling right around 5’1″-ish, so I want to be able to try it on just to make sure the length is perfect.

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  1. Niko Holmen says:

    I’m not an expert when it comes to this. Didn’t even know this was possible. Useful read, appreciate your posting this.

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