Recent Purchases: TJ Maxx & Gap

I have my last final tomorrow (WHOO!) so I figured I could post something quickly before I get back into hard-core studying mode. My mom and I went shopping last night and stopped at TJ Maxx & Gap. Here’s what I picked up:

Let me start by saying that the above item literally made my night. If you aren’t as familiar with TJ Maxx, they have a “Runway” section with expensive brands such as alice & olivia, marc jacobs, nanette lepore and many more! I snatched up this tory burch polo (it was the only one they had!) and it was only $40. It fits perfectly, and I could not believe the price.

Here’s a link to a similar (if not the same) style shirt from nordstrom (which is $95):

The buttons are my favorite part–they are emblazoned with the T logo! Sure, this could be a little tacky/over the top, but styled the right way it would just look like a chic white top. But seriously, I could NOT pass this up for $40.

These are from Gap — the color in the picture isn’t as true to what the color actually is, but it is still very similar. (By the way, if you like my bedding in the background, it is from PB Teen!) :

I’ll just be honest: I have this style of shorts in 6 different colors. I know thats A LOT, but they fit me really nicely & are the perfect pair of shorts for the summer. They aren’t too long or too short and they can look high-waisted if you tuck things into them!

Here’s a picture of me wearing a khaki pair with a shirt tucked in from yesterday (taken with instagram):

And since they were on sale (Gap was having some great sales!) I bought another pair with a pattern:

(I had to, ok. The price was too good to pass up)

And these are just absolutely gorgeous. They are ombre shorts that called out summer to me. They had these in a variety of colors, and were on sale too! (I might have to go back and buy the coral ombre…yeah, I’m a little obsessive when it comes to gap shorts). Here is a picture of the pair I bought (keep in mind the lighting is a little off so they look a little weird):

Lastly, I bought a plain shirt, but I loved the color and thought it would be fun to dress up and down during the summer. It was on sale for $11 and then there was an extra 25% off! Again, the lighting kind of failed me here, considering that it is more coral than orange.

Okay, so my photography skills need some work, but you get the basic idea of the shirt. I’ll make sure to style it in an outfit soon so you can actually see what it looks like on!

Hope you guys enjoyed, let me know what you have been buying recently!


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