A Day in NYC: Chelsea Market & High Line

I apologize for the lack of posts on my website, I promise I have been working on it though! Expect to see more beauty and fashion related things up soon. However, I thought in the meantime I’d do a less fashion-related post on one of my favorite places: NYC. I know everyone gushes over NYC, but seriously, it is great. If you have never been…what are you waiting for?

In between grabbing lunch, browsing through chelsea market (totally mouth-watering), and walking the high line, I walked by some stores and snapped some pictures. If you live locally and can drive/take a train to NYC, I definitely recommend visiting this area of the city. It’s a bit less congested and there’s a ton of stuff over there (for the beauty junkies: a sephora, and plenty of things for everyone else).

While wandering around, we passed the store windows of Moschino. Their display contained these adorable pillows which are based off of actual products.

(you can see me and my brother through the glass :) The actual products that the pillows are modeled after are at the bottom right)

In Chelsea market, I picked up some rainbow cookies (yum!!) in Ruthy’s Bakery. Despite the B rating (just warning you) it was good — they had some adorable looking cakes & cupcakes (although these are probably just models):

(although there are a bunch of various cakes in these pictures, i was especially fascinated by the lipstick cupcake & louboutin cake)

I definitely want to go back to try some of the other places in the market — there was a crepe place (one of my favorite types of dessert) that looked pretty good!

Let me know if you like posts like this, I figured I could do something different for a change!


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