Heavenly Creatures MSF vs. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

I stopped by the mall today and headed into MAC just to look, but all the Mineralized Skin Finishes (MSFs) from the new collection, Heavenly Creatures, were calling my name and I had to purchase one. I was drawn immediately to the color Light Year, since it seemed it would best suit my skin color (I’m very pale). My mom pointed out the product itself is very comparable to a shimmer brick from Bobbi Brown. Both aim to incorporate the same products all in one (at least, this specific MSF does): bronzer, blush, and highlighter. The MAC MSF is $29, while the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick is $40, so there is definitely a considerable price difference. While there are various MSFs and shimmer bricks that aren’t comparable at all color-wise, I realized that the MSF in Light Year and the shimmer brick in bronze were very similar.

Here are some pictures of the MSF in light year:

At first glance I thought this would be a baby pink color, but when you combine all the colors and apply to the skin you get a very shimmery bronze color with a hint of a darker pink (almost coral in a way).

My favorite thing about the MSF is that it looks absolutely gorgeous on your eyes too… definitely a bonus for traveling since its a 2 in 1 product. However, I believe the shimmer brick can also be used on the eyes, so both happen to have that component which is great!

Here are some pictures of the shimmer brick in bronze (yes, this is very worn out–my mom passed it on to me awhile ago since she couldn’t get too much more use out of it):

Here is a side by side swatch comparison of the two all swirled together:

The 1st one is the MSF and the 2nd one is the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. They are very similar in terms of base color, but the shimmer brick is more bronze but does contain a hint of pink. The MSF focuses more on the pink color and is more of a blush and highlighter with a slight bronze tint.  

The bottom line: The MAC MSF acts as one color, while you can get a few separate colors out of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. When going into a specific area of your face, the shimmer brick could be more useful for precision and putting a specific color in a specific area. Obviously, this just goes for the two that I compared, since all shimmer bricks and MSFs vary. Otherwise, the textures of these two products are very similar.


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