Back to School Necessities: Supplies

I think I’ve just been in denial, but I’m finally starting to get a grip on the fact that I start school in a week. And on top of that, some people have already started school! So I figure I better start on my back to school series now before it is too late.

The one thing I adore about going back to school is the large excuse it gives you to go shopping: whether it be for clothes, accessories, or even school supplies, I’m all over it.

Since I don’t know exactly what supplies are required for each classes, I bought a whole slew of various supplies that I thought would be useful. Whatever I don’t end up using I’ll just return. Sure, these aren’t fashion related items, but I think almost everyone could benefit from this!

My necessities:
1. A Planner

$9.95 from Barnes & Noble

Honestly, I’m not sure what I would do without a planner. At the end of every class, just jot down what your homework is for the next day and make note of long term projects. It helps so much to keep you organized and make sure all your assignments are in on time. As for this specific one, I had a similar format last year and it was perfect for what I needed.

2. A Pencil Case

3.99 from Home Goods

Yes! This is from Home Goods! I saw it right before I was checking out and absolutely LOVED it. I can fit anything in here: pencils, pens, post-its, highlighters, etc. The price is great too, and I love the design.

3. Folders

Unsure of price, from Staples

Folders definitely help organize your things, and why not get cute folders while you’re at it? These folders are my favorite, since they aren’t made out of paper and won’t break very easily. In previous years they have lasted for as long as I have needed them to, which is great so that I don’t need to repurchase things throughout the year.

4. Flexible Binders

Unsure of price, from Staples (I got the three subject ones to most likely use for one subject classes, I just wanted to fit more and the three subject ones are wider)

To help keep even further organized, I choose these flexible Five Star binders. You can use them like a binder and insert handouts, but at the same time, they weigh as much as a notebook due to the lightweight cover. I rarely have time to go to my locker (which stinks) so I need the lightest supplies I can get my hands on! I also did purchase some regular binders, and once I figure out what each class requires I can decide whether or not to use a regular binder or these.

5. Pens, pencils, highlighters, post-its

All various prices from Staples

I constantly lose this stuff throughout the year (the underlying message: I often let people borrow my stuff and they never give it back…) so I tend to go overboard on the amount of writing utensils I buy just to make sure I can always stock back up at home. I mainly use mechanical pencils,  but I will use some normal Ticonderoga #2 pencils as well. I recommend to buy extra led for your mechanical pencils.

Good luck with going back to school this year, hope this aided you before buying all your school supplies! (And to those that have already gone back, hope you are having a great year!)

xo J

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