Back to School: Backpack Essentials

Whatever it is you are carrying around school: a purse, backpack, bag, etc. I recommend keeping a few different items with you. Some you might never use, but knowing that you have them is SO much better than not having them.

I use a backpack to carry all of my stuff: I never go to my locker (my school is huge, and going to your locker in between classes is practically impossible) so my back suffers, and no way on top of that would I carry a purse. So I try to maximize my space by purchasing a large backpack. I go for the JanSports, and usually in just a plain color, because I won’t get sick of it and I know the JanSports last ALL year. (I’ve had some bad experiences with other brands… bottom line: I once had to buy a new backpack  in the middle of the year because of a broken zipper).

This is what my backpack for this year looks like:

JanSport Big Student Backpack – $44.99 from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods had a fairly large selection of many brands: JanSport, North Face, Under Armour, Adidas and more. If you are scrambling to get a backpack, just head there and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something. I liked the color of this JanSport, since last year I had plain gray and the year before I had purple. the color is bright but yet subdued at the same time, and I think the color is great for all year round. They also had fun patterns on some of their backpacks.

Here is the link directly to JanSport’s website for this actual backpack, it has all the different color options plus tells you what it can hold: Jansport Big Student

 This specific backpack has plenty of room for some personal necessary items:

  • Small wallet – Keep money just incase you need it: if you forgot your lunch, want to buy something from the vending machine, etc. I wouldn’t say you need to bring your full wallet, but just a small thing that can hold some change and cash!
  • Makeup Remover Wipes – I had these in my backpack all of last year and never actually used them, but if your makeup starts running, it might be good to have these to clean up your face. I don’t think this is as necessary as some other items are, but if you have the room for a travel pack, they are good to have.
  • A few beauty products – Don’t go overboard with this: maybe stick some concealer, powder, and a few lip products in your bag. Personally, I never really go to the bathroom to reapply makeup since I don’t have time! But if you do, then go for it!
  • Lip Balm – Chapped lips aren’t fun.
  • Phone – Obviously essential, good for telling parents that you need to get picked up from school later, etc.
  • Sometimes a snack – For some afterschool programs at my school, you need to stay after until 6:00! My lunch definitely won’t hold me over until then, so in times like this I always bring a snack with me.
  • Tissues – We’ve all needed a tissue at one point in time and didn’t have one. This time, be prepared.

As for school necessary items that might not be on your supply list, I would say come equipped with:

  • Flash Drive – If you go to the computer lab at all throughout your school day, a flash drive is very convenient to transfer your work so you can update it when you get home. (I also find it is quicker to just plug in your flash drive then it is to connect to your email and then send a document to yourself!)
  • Extra pencils/pens – It’s happened to me before: being in a panic when you realize you don’t have your pencil case because you left it at home. Sure, you could borrow a pen or pencil from someone, but its always better to just have your own.
  • Calculator – Sometimes teachers specify a calculator they want you to use, but if not, I would say buy one anyways and bring it to class. It’s always useful to have one with you and even more useful when you are at home doing homework. For middle school students I recommend the TI-34, which has the four basic functions and some added things that are useful. Once you get into high school, usually whatever math course you are using requires a certain type of calculator. I used the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and found it extremely beneficial!

Sorry, I know this blog post (and the one before it) isn’t about beauty and fashion, but I figured it would still be helpful! I promise I will have beauty and fashion related content up soon, but do you want a few more back to school posts (I think I have one more in mind)? Let me know!

xo J

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