Can’t Go Wrong With A Longchamp Bag

For any season, but especially fall and winter, a new go-to bag for girls of all ages is a longchamp! This french brand makes the most adorable plain nylon carry-all pocketbooks that go with almost anything and can really complete an outfit.

My mom’s birthday was about a week ago and we bought her a longchamp! She picked out a burgundy/maroon color (which is super in for fall) and I can already picture her wearing it throughout all of the fall and winter.

These bags are carried at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks, and other department stores/boutiques. However, my mom and I were at TJ Maxx once and found one there for an amazing discounted price. Keep your eye out, because you honestly never know where you are going to find deals like that (hint: some TJ Maxx stores have a “runway” section where they carry designer brands — stores with that feature are more likely to carry high end brands).

Bottom Line: These are great gift ideas, and while they are so simple and understated, they really complete outfits and give a polished look. And they fold up to be super compact, so when you are not using it the size is totally ideal for storage!

xo J

P.S. I just found out that you can customize your own longchamp, which is a great gift idea! Go check out the longchamp website:

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