Lord & Taylor Trend Show 2012 – Part 1

I had the absolute pleasure of attending Lord & Taylor’s trend show and had so much fun!

Here’s how it worked (at least at my Lord & Taylor):
Each makeup brand represented at L&T showed off their take on the makeup trends for this season, and talked about their favorite products they would recommend to all. When you sat down at your seat, there were bags waiting for you containg a ton of free products from all the companies!

Here are some pictures from the day:

My friend Emily getting her makeup done at the Laura Mercier counter! (The makeup artist totally talked both of us into the tinted moisturizer)

Here’s what was in the bag:

The bag came with two makeup bags inside of it as well; one from Laura Mercier and one from Lancome!

Look out for Part 2; I bought a couple of other things while I was at Lord & Taylor and will put up a haul!

xo J

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