October Finds

I’ve found a ton of new products/accessories that I absolutely love this month. Here are just a few:

Harness 12r Frye Boots – If you saw my Must Haves for Fall post then you know frye boots were something I figured would be a great accessory for fall (and into winter as well). I got these for my birthday (thank you mom and dad) and absolutely love them. I can already tell they are going to wear really nicely. Pictured is the color tan, which is the color I have them in. I love it — its more of a brown than tan. I think this boot would be flattering on most, and this color goes with a ton of outfits. Plus, they are fairly comfortable and have a decent sized heel (which I love since I’m so short). And let’s not forget the buckle detail which is absolutely gorgeous!

Kate Spade Glitter Silicon Case – I was never really a big fan of silicon cases, as I always preferred the plastic ones… but this one caught my eye and I love it. (And the plastic ones always break…so I figured why not?) I don’t have it yet (ordered it during the friends and family sale, won’t ship until Nov. 2) but I think it’ll be nice and festive for the holiday season. Plus, its neutral with glitter… when does that not work?! (Thanks to my cousin for showing this to me!)

Alex and Ani bracelet – I have three: a J, the tree of life (pictured to the left), and a Love one. These are so cute and go with almost all everyday outfits. Plus, they are made out of recycled materials! I recommend going for a stack of 2 or 3 — while they look good individually I find I like wearing them the best when they are all together.

Tarte Brewed Awakening Beauty Box – So I’ve never seen these before, and they caught my mom’s eye in Sephora. She showed it to me and I absolutely had to get it. I’ve been using it for a little while now and love it. The darkest shade is an awesome liner color and stays on all day. Overall, its a good size for traveling and the colors create a perfect neutral look. Nicely done tarte!

xo J

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