Update: Hurricane Sandy & Halloween for the Newcomer

Well, school has been cancelled, my power has already flickered out once, and I’m charging all my electronics with basically nothing to do (except procrastinating on homework) all thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Trust me — I’m not complaining, three days off is such a nice break, but its so weird sitting here and waiting for the storm to pass (and waiting for my power to shut off… because I know its coming).

Currently, I won’t have school on Halloween, and I’m not sure how many trick or treaters will dare to come to my house with all the branches (and possibly power lines) down. My street is already a mess, couple that with little kids in costumes, and I’m pretty sure you have a recipe for disaster.

My friend and I were planning costumes to wear to school — basically a waste of money at this point. We were going as tiffany boxes (got the idea from blogger Carly Cristman!); if you need a last minute idea here it is:

Go to Forever 21, and find a robin’s egg sweater. We were looking for a sweater but found this instead:

To be quite honest, I’m not exactly sure how to explain this (sleeveless sweater? tank top sweater?) but I found it online here (a super rare occurrence: finding the same item online and in stores). We both got larger sizes so we could pair it with leggings, and then headed over to hallmark and bought white fabric ribbon. My friend was going to sew ribbon on the sweater going up and down and a across, and then with a big ribbon in the middle. We also picked up some fake pearls to pair with it along with tiffany & co. jewlery.




The pearl combo set we bought is pictured on the left (we couldn’t say no to $4.80 for all three things).

Found online here.

Not really sure if our costumes will happen now (or if we will ever get a chance to wear them), but if we ever do I’ll make sure to post a picture.

Hope everyone is safe amidst this hurricane! If I have power (hopefully) I can post throughout this week.

xo J

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