Holiday Gift Guide 1: Makeup

I know, I know: not another gift guide post. This time of year, it seems as if its “mandatory” for all bloggers to put out some sort of post revolving around their picks for the holiday season. I’m sure not everyone wants to read another one of these, but I tried to collect a group of items that I hadn’t seen mentioned a ton (or at all). Hopefully this gives you some ideas of what you want to buy others/put on your own wish list!

Benefit Glosses/MAC Face Kit/Marc Jacobs Perfumes (similar)/NARS Palette/Magnetic Polish/Urban Decay Eye Liners/Tarte Blush Set/Lancome Mascara

Benefit High Flyin’ Gloss Set: These are just so cute! If I wore lip gloss more, I would totally buy this for myself. I love the fact that the set features all the glosses from their new lineup that matches a gloss with their bestselling blushes. Also, the colors within the set aren’t too crazy, which is good for a friend who just likes to swipe on a little bit of color on a day to day basis.

Nars American Dream Palette: I love this. Literally LOVE. I’ve seen it in person and the colors are amazing. This is sold out almost everywhere I’ve checked online, and for $55, it’s definitely on the steeper end of the gifts pictured above.  Nevertheless, NARS is such a great brand and these colors are absolutely perfect. If I can track this down and convince myself that its worth spending the money on, I just might cave in. I’m not sure if its exactly worth it for the price, but its the holiday season… so I’ve pretty much given up justifying things! But if not for myself, I think this would make a great gift for someone else, especially a friend who loves the NARS brand. (And the sleek packaging just adds to the greatness of it, right?)

MAC Face Kit: MAC always does something for the holidays every year. I wasn’t super impressed with the collection they debuted for 2012, but I think this would definitely make a good gift. Check out the other sets they have as well, especially the eyeshadows (yes: I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m an eyeshadow hoarder. It’s basically the only makeup I continue to buy even though I don’t need more *cough cough NARS American Dream Palette cough cough*). For someone just getting into makeup, this would definitely be a cute idea.

Marc Jacobs Fragrances: These fragrances are just so adorable and convenient. Definitely a nice set to purchase for someone! I have both Daisy and Lola. The fragrances are a little bit more mature smelling, but I think this contributes to why they are so universally liked.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes: While I didn’t love the specific colors in this set for my extremely pale skin tone, I think they would suit a wide range of others. Plus, these blushes are supposed to be amazing, and to get 4 to try for a smaller price is definitely a good deal.

Urban Decay Smoked Eyeliners: Besides the NARS eyeshadow palette, this is the other major recommendation I have. I love Urban Decay eyeliners, and I think this is the perfect combo set: it contains all the neutral colors you’ll ever need and in decent sizes. Does it get better than that? No!

Lancome Mascara: I’m picturing this mascara is more of a smaller gift (but unfortunately somewhat of an expensive one!) more than anything else! The Lancome Mascaras are super hyped up, and this could be a chic gift to pass along to a friend. To make this a bit of a bigger deal, I think coupling it with a funky colored eyelash curler from Sephora (here) would be an overall effortless and fun girly gift.

Nails. Inc Magnetic Polish: This stuff actually works (crazy, huh?)! This would make an adorable “stocking stuffer” for your nail-polish loving friend. Plus, the polish comes in different colors, so either pick out a few, package them up nicely, and you are set!

For the most part, I think Sephora is a one stop shop for all you makeup gift needs! Any other products you have put on your holiday wish list? Let me know!

The next couple of Holiday Guides will be put up soon along!

xoxo J

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