The Fashion Newcomer’s Best of 2012

Before 2012 comes to a close, I wanted to recap my favorite products and trends. I can’t believe it’s 2013 already, this year went by too fast! One of the best parts of 2012: starting this blog. Can’t wait for another year of continuing The Fashion Newcomer!

Makeup & Skincare:

1. Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Crash – I’ve been loving this, especially now as the year has been coming to a close. Recommended for: people who are sick of the classic black liner or people who want to accentuate their eye color (I think purple universally works to bring out various eye colors)

2. Neutrogena Skin Clearing Concealer – I’ve been using this all year and it is probably my favorite find. I’m extremely pale and the lightest shade suits me perfectly. Recommended for: people who want a less expensive but still great concealer or people who want enough coverage to go it alone and skip foundation

3. EOS lip balms – do I even need to explain? The phenomenon of these egg shaped lip products has spread everywhere. Definitely my go to lip balm. Recommended for: people who want to switch out their regular Chapstick for something more moisturizing with a chic-look!

4. Clinique Toner – while I go back and forth on all my Clinique products, I always go back to the toner because it rarely fails to disappoint. Recommended for: people looking up to switch up their skincare routine (but not drastically) and try something that won’t break the bank


5. Monogram necklace – hands down one of my most worn pieces of jewelry throughout this whole year. Recommended for: people who are behind on giving a holiday gift or people who want to treat themselves to a timeless piece that will stick with them forever

6. Frye Boots – I only got these in October, but definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes that I own. I know I will love them for years to come! Recommended for: people who want a classic pair of boots that will never go out of style

7. Snakeskin shorts – these are just a standout fashion item for me, as they kind of mark a huge advance in my sense of style. Recommended for: people who refuse to let go of the printed pants trend throughout 2013 and will need to switch to shorts in the summertime

8. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac – every since I got this in April, it has been my go to bag. Besides the fact that occasionally my hair gets stuck in the detailing on the strap, it has been perfect. Recommended for: people who want a functional (and gorgeous!) crossbody bag


9. Froyo – I love Pinkberry (enough said)

10. Sesame Noodles (if you like peanut butter, try these next time you get Chinese food!!)

11. How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl (I spent most of my summer catching up on 4 seasons of this show)

12. Of course, blogging!

What were some of your favorites for 2012? I’d love to try them throughout 2013!

xo J

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