And you thought Gossip Girl was over? Guess again.

Well technically Gossip Girl really is over… but in terms of fashion, it’s still running its course!

While I did not participate in the commemorative gossip girl post as the show came to a close, I am a fan and spent a large chunk of my summer catching up on seasons 1-5 on Netflix. The show was everything that I had expected it to be, and the fashion aspect was definitely one of my favorite parts.

On a recent trip to Anthropologie I found this …

My mom immediately dubbed it as the “gossip girl coat” (in reference to something Blair or Serena would wear) which I think is probably the most accurate labeling ever.

The coat is Plenty by Tracy Reese. I can’t wait to wear this throughout the rest of the winter!

Here’s the link to the coat on the Tracy Reese website. If you love it as much as I do, go to Anthropologie first to see if you find it, since they had it on sale there!

Xo J

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7 Responses to And you thought Gossip Girl was over? Guess again.

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  2. Annie says:

    Your blog is great and I love this post! Gossip Girl is one of that shows that will continue to be something fashionistas take inspiration from for many years to come. That coat is very cute and totally GG. Keep up the great work on your site and please come check out mine some time too!

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Thanks Annie! Your blog is great as well! xo J

    • Muhammad says:

      Friends and Gossip Girl are quite different, but if you want it to be about New York and you want it to be funny you sholud choose:Sex and the CityLipstick JungleCashmere MafiaGilmore Girls (not in New York, but FUNNY!)If you’re more looking for younger persons as in Gossip Girl, like a group of young persons in High School you sholud watch:the OCOne Tree HillHave fun with watching a new show!

  3. Liza says:

    Your mom is absolutely right! This coat reminds me of something Miss B would wear:)
    I love the pop of color at the bottom, so cute!

    Your site looks great by the way!

    xoxo Liza

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