#NYFW Recap – Kate Spade

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has started again! And while I spent part of the day in school and the other part staying inside due to Nemo, I was continually checking instagram and twitter to get my fashion fix!

I saw a ton of pics from the Kate Spade Fall/Winter 2013 line and loved everything. The brand has taken their whimsical details to a whole new level! They make fashion what it should be: fun and eye-catching!

And those nails? So cool.

Here are some stand out pics I thought you would enjoy (all from sites online. Wish I could’ve been there *sigh* …maybe next year?):

Some of it is not within the realm of what I would define as “my personal style,” and for a high school student, it might seem hard to take inspiration from this but I absolutely love it all!

What’s your favorite #NYFW line so far?

xo, Jamie

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2 Responses to #NYFW Recap – Kate Spade

  1. Abby says:

    Ok those taxi shoes>
    I agree, not really within my personal style but still soo cute!

    • Wahyu says:

      i’m not into all the fashion week hoo ha etheir. if someone called or emailed me with a free ticket to something i love like oh, say, isabel marant in paris we might have another story, but for now – it seems like a whole lotta screaming.Now may I just add that bloggers in the Bay Area have the best vintage finds I have ever seen. I live in SoCal and be damned if I’d ever see ANY of that good stuff down here. xo,C

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