In the Clear

Summer is approaching, and with this new season, a whole new load of accessories are introduced. We’ve all been there: facing the current jewelry we own and thinking, “none of this is good enough for summer!” Whether it is the truth or just your inner voice justifying your next few purchases, this trend is pure fun, and that’s got to count for something… right?

Ever since the official transition into spring, clear accessories have been gaining rapid attention. Major brands like BCBG, DVF, Juicy Couture, and Vince Camuto have been debuting new items featuring lucite or clear materials. Sure it’s funky, and yes, it’s a little out there (a bag openly showing all your junk?) but it’s summer, and summer is the time to try various trends and play up your dull wardrobe.

In my opinion, this trend in particular is so tacky that it’s somehow morphed into chic. This type of transformation is not the first to make it into the fashion world, and it certainly won’t be the last.

But regardless of this observation, why not try out a few transparent accessories? (See? My inner shopaholic is coming out.) Even if it just lasts for the summer, it’s something different! And after all, fashion is constantly changing anyways…

xo J

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