Summer 2013: Boston Adventure

I’ve been slacking with blog posts lately – but for good reason. I was at an amazing two week program in Boston taking two classes on journalism and mass communication. I learned so much, met amazing people, and visited a ton of places in Boston.

Let me just say that I was extremely nervous going into this – I had made the decision to do this on my own and meet all new people, but that didn’t take away from all the bad thoughts I had swirling through my head before it began: what if I don’t like my roommate? what if I don’t make any friends? what if my classes are boring? what if I have to spend 2 weeks by myself in Boston?

My worries were increased when I joined the massive line to get your room key and finalize registration and the girl and boy ahead of me in line both refused to make conversation (I started off with “Wow, it’s so hot in this room” ((complete lack of AC everywhere)) or “I hope this is the last line we have to wait in”). So, it wasn’t much, but I tried. It was super frustrating because I thought that if I didn’t make friends then, I wasn’t getting off to a very good start.

A few hours later, the pit in my stomach subsided when I was able to answer all of my burning questions: I met my roommate, Natalia, and we became friends quickly. I made some other friends on that first afternoon, and more the next day. My classes started the day after move in and were fantastic (despite a few loooong lectures). And lastly, I knew I wouldn’t have to be by myself in Boston – especially since on the first night some of us ventured out on a Starbucks (constantly shortened to ‘sbucks’) run!

From there on out the program moved so quickly – we covered so much ground and I made so many close friends in such a short amount of time. We went to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall, North End, Newbury Street (like 10x), Prudential Center, Max Brenner, SoWa Market, a beach in New Hampshire, and Harvard Square.

My classes also covered a lot of ground! In journalism, we exercised our writing skills and wrote different pieces everyday. We also had to push ourselves to delve deep into the news, as we had to present a current event to the class everyday. Mass communication was also cool because it introduced me to a lot of new concepts. Our final project was to create a viral ad campaign on something (my group chose Finding Dory) and if we had more time, it would’ve been extremely fun to fully execute.

All in all this program was an amazing experience – not just because I was able to see and do so much, but because I was exposed to new cultures, people, and ideas. It’s not everyday that you are surrounded by people from different countries and states wherever you go. Given that I’ve lived in the same state my whole life, I really enjoyed the exploration and freedom.

What I also learned was to strike up conversations (I’m often a little too shy), even if they start on the simplest thing (shout out to Jenna, who I met by discussing a kind-of mutual friend).

If you are looking into a college program and are on the fence, my answer is simple: go.

We went to Newbury Street so many times (it was just a short walk away from where we were living), and no trip was complete without a stop into the Brandy Melville!

If you ever go to Boston make sure to stop at Mike’s Pastry in the North End – there was a line out the door but it moved quickly and was so worth waiting in. Yum!

Posing in the North End at night! Me, Maria, Jessica, and Jenna

Me and my roommate Natalia

This night was so fun (despite the fact that we were just waiting around…)! Me, Jenna, Natalia, Jessica

The BU Crew! Alexia, Maria, Me, Jenna, Natalia, Jessica

I had the most delicious ice cream sandwich ever from this food truck

More food! We went to Max Brenner in Boston (I had previously been to the one in NYC) but obviously worth revisiting

While summer is halfway over now, I’m on to another adventure, which will be blogged about as soon as possible!

Make sure to check out my roommate Natalia’s blog to see her recap of events! And stop over at Jenna’s blog as well!

xo J

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