China Chic: Temple of Heaven

Hi all! For the past few weeks I’ve been gone because… *drumroll* I was in China! Alongside the amazing sites I got to see like the Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, Forbidden City, the Li River, Yu Gardens, and Hong Kong Disneyland (couldn’t pass on that…), I always took a second to glimpse at the fashion (what else would you expect from me?).

On our second full day in China we went to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, which is an absolutely beautiful place! It’s a temple (duh) in the midst of a huge park filled with gardens and people exercising and playing games.

We were walking around the temple, and saw this…

Not sure what it was for (and I don’t think they would have understood me if I had tried to ask!) but it was so cool to see. I loved the fact that without even trying I was introduced to a small part of Chinese fashion! I later found out that a lot of photo shoots occur at tourist sites like this. In fact, even wedding pictures are taken at these type of sites too. We saw that as well:

Oh, and for what the actual Temple of Heaven looks like…

More China posts to come!

My apologies for being MIA for the past few weeks!

xo, Jamie

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