As if you haven’t already heard… 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Sorry for my hiatus – I have no excuse except for that I’ve been settling into the routine of school (bleh) and I’ve had a bit of bloggers-block.  I thought that a perfect (delayed) back to school post would be on the topic of Phillip Lim’s genius collection launching on September 15 at *drumroll* target.

For all the fashionistas who haven’t been checking their twitter or instagram feeds to see the previews, the collection is absolutely fabulous. It features clothing and accessories for both men and women, and the best part is that all pieces are under $299.99.

My favorite pieces in the collection are the handbags because, lets face it, this 15 year old fashion-obsessed teen can’t afford a real Pashli Mini Satchel. One out of the many bag styles is slightly reminiscent of the Pashli, but a little bit different – enough that you can tell it’s a completely separate bag but Phillip Lim’s beloved approach is still intact.

Here are a few of my favorite bags…

If I were to buy just one from the collection, it would definitely be the second one. It looks the most like the Pashli without being a direct copy.

I’m a handbag addict, so I thought a short post on this was necessary! If you want to view the whole collection, click over to here.

Happy Shopping!

xo, J

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