Can Coach make a comeback?

A month ago I would’ve said no. More than no: I probably would’ve gone on a rant about how cliche and passe the brand is at this point. I would’ve made a stupid comment like, “Hello, this is 2013! Not 2003.”

But the thing is: I was perusing the internet today, and a new wallet caught my eye. And the small logo at the top? COACH. I was shocked – my whole philosophy of thinking of Coach as a complete has-been brand (besides middle aged moms who refuse to buy a new bag or teen girls that hoard the coach wristlets they received for their bat mitzvahs) had been torn apart.

Dare I say it… Coach is definitely working on their comeback. You can simply tell that they want to start to appeal to a broader variety of people. They want to entice people to come into their store and instead of just walking by and laughing it off.

Am I fully persuaded to go ahead and drop all my birthday money on coach? No. (Hey, a girl can hope for a Celine bag, right?) Will I tell my mom it’s okay to go buy Coach bags? Not yet. But eventually, as the brand reinvents itself, maybe my answer will change.

Coach itself has created so many innovate design styles (have you seen the bags they are re-vamping from the 1990s? Seriously amazing). Thank god they are finally detaching themselves from the dreaded C pattern that everyone has a love-hate relationship with.

Finally Coach is taking a cue from other brands (hello, not all of Tory’s stuff is plastered with Ts!) and finding ways to focus on style, shape, and versatility. PLUS they got Karlie Kloss to model for them. And they have a collection centered around NYC. They are basically begging for their strayed customers to return to them.

Take a peek at what Coach has been up to:

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One Response to Can Coach make a comeback?

  1. Alicia says:

    I adore Coach, I even have a Madison bag of my own. My mom always rocked a classic Coach leather bag when I was growing up, so I knew it was going to be my first “designer” handbag purchase.

    The only reason why I’m hesitant to buy another Coach bag is because of their factory stores. They make bags in the same style as the full-price store with lesser quality fabrics and it takes away from the exclusivity of their brand. Maybe I’ll buy a bag that isn’t knocked off in their factory stores, but until then I’ll stick to other brands.

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