The Newest It Bag via Aimee Kestenberg

Think back to about 1-2 years ago – Rebecca Minkoff was on the rise, with her Mini Mac being dubbed (at least, in my opinion), as the new it-bag. As Minkoff now continues to grow her brand and as people start to pay more attention to all of her designs, it means that the fashion world (in terms of us teens, looking for a designer bag minus the hefty cost) needs a new it-bag for 2014. My nomination (and I believe Nordstrom’s as well) is Aimee Kestenberg’s Sammy Crossbody bag.

I was walking around after black friday with some friends in Nordstrom and I was on the hunt for a new bag for the upcoming season. I knew that my criteria was something with  black and leather elements. I stumbled upon an Aimee Kestenberg bag (a brand I had never heard of before) and absolutely loved it.

The Sammy bag is great quality, comes in a multitude of colors, extremely functional, and will make a great crossbody for women all over the globe. Plus, it is essentially two bags in one, with the option to unzip Celine-like flaps on the sides for a more effortless and less structured look.

Below is the Sammy Bag in the Black/White Digital print, which is the one I have. I love this bag because it contains neutral colors but is still very unique due to its fun print on the front. The bag also comes in other colors, among them, nice eggplant and hunter green hues.

I recently took my Sammy bag on vacation with me and it was absolutely perfect to store the few essentials I needed with me: my phone, wallet, sunglasses, and headphones. Granted, I didn’t take it to the beach to prevent getting sand in it, but at night I always had it with me.

So if your mantra for 2014 is “new year, new bag” then I definitely recommend the Sammy Crossbody!

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