Zella: The Latest in Fierce Athletic Gear

I’m a huge supporter of Lululemon, but recently, a new “i-wear-these-clothes-when-i-pretend-to-look-atheltic” brand has caught my eye: Zella. The pieces are so stylish, but also functional, comfortable, and double as casual sunday/gym attire.

Months and months ago I bought a Zella jacket at Nordstrom on a whim. My dad was actually the one who spotted it. There was only one left, and I knew I needed a new coat for the fall and winter months, and this seemed to be a good buy. I’ve come to realize it was probably my best buy of the season, given that over the past few months, I have worn it almost everyday. It keeps me warm, it isn’t too heavy, goes with everything, and still has a touch of uniqueness that the standard North Face or Patagonia jacket does not have.

I never even realized until a few weeks ago that Zella is also known for their “live-in” leggings and other activewear. It’s similar to lululemon – but cheaper, more laidback, and comes in a range of slightly less bright hues.

Here are some of my favorite zella items:

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