Jonathan Adler x Toms

blake-1-w724Get excited people – Jonathan Adler x Toms is here! This collection is everything I wanted it to be and more – bright, fun, and colorful. Each pair is $59 – which is a fairly good price, considering the original Toms range from $48-$54 (and have you seen the Jonathan Adler home decor? So cute but comes with a hefty price tag, so to be able to get some Jonathan Adler prints into your life at a cheaper cost is great!)

Nordstrom and a few Jonathan Adler boutiques will be carrying the line, as well as the Toms website.

Hopefully warm weather is coming, meaning that almost everyone has an excuse to buy new shoes. These are perfect because they are statement piece but also extremely comfortable. Jonathan Adler has done a great job of making Toms the perfect way for girls to wear something cute without having to cram their feet into extremely tight or high shoes.

Also, the sandal style is totally cool and definitely something different for someone who may already own many pairs of Toms.

Overall, this who collection takes a “lazy day” to a whole new level.



toms-adlerSo what will you be buying? The collection also features three pairs of chic sunglasses, but if you ask me, the emphasis should be placed on the shoes.

Xo, J

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  1. Orly says:

    these shoes are lovely! i really like Jonathan Adler and toms, so this is the perfect convination

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