Old News: SJP Shoe Collection

Photo Courtesy of Refinery29.com
Photo Courtesy of Refinery29.com

Yes I know, the Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) Collection, despite just recently debuting, is already old news. But luckily, I’m not here to report on the content of the collection, the pricing, where its available – all those details can be found elsewhere. Like the rest of my blog, I’m here to give my opinion, and with that brings the question I’m currently pondering: Do we want these shoes because of SJP, or because SJP is the closest thing we have to a real life Carrie Bradshaw (besides, of course, Anna Sophia Robb)?

SJP and Carrie Bradshaw are not the same person. SJP portrayed Carrie Bradshaw, a known and loved character by multiple generations. If you watched Sex in the City or currently watch the Carrie Diaries, then you know how like-able Carrie Bradshaw is as a character. Especially in Sex and the City, she is the center of her group, appears to be the most normal (without even really being normal at all), and of course, has a boatload of gorgeous clothing options.

SJP is fabulous and I don’t mean to discredit her ability to design shoes in any way, shape, or form. It’s just that if you ask me, more people are willing to drop $400 for a basic pair of shoes because her name is attached to it, silently praying that Carrie Bradshaw would have the same vision if she herself had a shoe line.

What do you think?
xo, Jamie

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