Uniqlo is Everything We’ve Ever Wanted

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I’ve been completely blown away by the latest in shopping experiences: Uniqlo. This store is at the top of it’s game, capitalizing on what today’s consumers actually want (without consumers even having the slightest idea that this is the experience they’ve aimed for in the first place).

This Japanese store caught my attention a year ago when I was in New York City – honestly, how could anyone miss it? It’s bright and huge, taking up multiple floors on a 5th avenue storefront. The first few times I visited the store I never bought anything – it was a combination of feeling overwhelmed (in the best way possible though) and that I didn’t see anything I felt I specifically needed at the time.

However, now Uniqlo has reached new heights. Their #SPRZNY campaign was absolutely genius. Essentially, the store put out videos and used social media to continually ask people (interested customers or celebrities), “What is coming to Uniqlo next?”

And now we all have our answer: a series of collaborations with brands like Vera Bradley and Jonathan Adler, but also art collections from the MoMa (ex. Andy Warhol), cool graphic tees with all your favorite movie logos on it (hello, Ghostbusters!), and shirts designed by Pharrell Williams (specifically, his I Am Other graphics).

And although I’m going to risk sounding like a commercial here: it gets better. Most of the basic items range from 10-30 dollars! As far as I can tell so far, the quality is fabulous, and lets be real: where else can you get anything Jonathan Adler for $30?! (Except for that sample sale I begged my mom to take me to… who needs school?)

I can’t wait to share outfit posts with the pieces I picked up. Aside from the specific collections, Uniqlo creates their own statement pieces of clothing in varying colors – think practical shorts, adorable skirts, simple tanks and tees, etc.

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Part of the Pharrell Williams “I Am Other” Campaign

As previously mentioned, the store is a Japanese company. While at Uniqlo, my mom asked one of the sales associates if the exact same clothing is sold in their stores in Japan – and it is for the most part! She also discussed how Uniqlo as a company really tries to pay attention to detail and works  hard to take all the feedback they receive into consideration.

The bottom line here is that Uniqlo is fabulous. It’s bright and fun to walk around in, has beautiful clothes, great quality, and even better prices.

I am so excited to be able to know a perfect place to go when I want a great basic, but also when I want to spice up my wardrobe with a fun print or graphic.

xoxo, J

*for once, these pictures are my own! whoopee!


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