Prom. How could I not do a post on it?

I originally wasn’t even going to go – I’m a junior so I thought junior prom wouldn’t be a big deal. But it was actually fun and I encourage everyone who is on the fence about going to just buy a ticket and dance the night away! (What a cliche way of phrasing that! I’m sorry. I had to.)

Everyone (at least at my school) was so nice to each other, always saying, “Wow you look so pretty!” And even if, as my friend Natalie pointed out, those people only meant it 33% of the time they said it, who cares?! It’s a nice gesture and adds to the fun of the night.

Plus, who doesn’t want to get all dressed up and indulge in makeup, hair, a dress, and SHOES. (I’ve been on a shoe kick lately, another post to come on that, don’t judge me, okay?)

Here are some pictures from my own prom, I’d love to see yours. If you have done a prom post leave a comment with a link to it!

IMG_0516 IMG_0514 IMG_0491 IMG_0434 IMG_0406 IMG_0423 IMG_0315I didn’t really tell my friends they were going up on my blog so… friends, if you are reading this, hi!

And as for my outfit…


Dress: Alythea (there’s a skirt of this pattern too!), Necklace: Banana Republic, Earrings: Banana Republic, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes: Caparros 

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3 Responses to PROM

  1. Carrie says:

    OK so I realize I am totally creeping on your blog right now but I saw this and had to say you look GORGEOUS!!! I love the dress, and hair, and makeup, AND shoes! You look perfect!


    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Awww thank you so much Carrie!! I can’t wait until you go to prom – I’d love to see what you would wear/how you would style hair & makeup!! You’ll look flawless!
      xoxo, Jamie

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