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Have I ever written a post about my love of New York City? I may not have yet – but I’ll start with this one now: I love NYC. Ever since I was little I have always been obsessed with the hustle and bustle of the city. I currently live in the suburbs, so the idea of being able to walk everywhere or hop on transportation has always fascinated me. Plus, New York has it all. It is the center of almost everything, and as much as people say Los Angeles is more or less the same, I beg to differ.

NYC is its very own realm within the whole entire globe – there’s just something about it it that is (excuse the cliche) so magical.

My friend Laura and I ventured into the city on Monday in lieu of going on a field trip to Six Flags. Laura has her own blog,, which you should all go check out! She already did her post on our outting, which is here.

Before I begin you should known that when I reference NYC I use a bunch of abbreviations, so here’s what you need to know about Newcomer NYC Speak: GCS is Grand Central Station and UES is Upper East Side.


We arrived at GCS and walked quickly over to one of my favorite stores: Joe Fresh. It’s one of my best kept secrets about NYC; it’s on fifth ave yet it seems no one really knows about it! We did a little shopping and couldn’t resist taking a few selfies. For all those who haven’t been to Joe Fresh yet – what are you waiting for? It’s bright and fun and the prices are right on point – Laura got this hat in the picture for $3.50! (And you really can’t beat that, can you?) The clothing is super cute and I love the array of colors.

We decided to leave Midtown behind and go for the Gossip Girl experience by walking towards the UES. We ended up going into Henri Bendel (a must do for any visitors to NYC!) and took some cute photos by the Plaza.

Right buy the Plaza was a Strand bookstore “stand” complete with tons of books and the cutest Kate Spade totes. Laura called it perfectly when she said we had “non-buyers remorse” for passing up these Kate Spade x Strand bags. Next time I’m in the UES I’ll have to hunt it down (it was $15!!).


We finally made it Maison Kayser, for an amazing lunch (even though we do feel slightly cheated because we never got a bread basket!).

Right across the street was Francois Payard – we couldn’t resist macarons! (But we did resist temptation later when we passed by Laudree even though we did seriously contemplate macarons round #2)

IMG_5408The UES is simply beautiful – I think many NYC tourists ignore it and favor the craziness of Midtown, which is a total shame because the UES is definitely one of the best parts of the whole entire city.

IMG_5430From there we went to a couple more stores – the Lilly on Madison Ave is amazing! I tried on this gorgeous dress but couldn’t justify the price tag.

We stopped at Central Park to unwind (read: instagram our photos) for about a half hour which was the nicest thing ever. If I could sit in Central Park everyday I would. I can’t describe how beautiful and wonderful it is, especially when it isn’t super crowded!

IMG_5426I think our best shopping experience of the whole day was the Kate Spade on Madison – it is perfect. I believe the store is 5 floors – each catering toward one specific aspect of Kate Spade merchandise. Laura and I were in heaven and both agreed that for our senior year of high school we should splurge on the KS notepads as school supplies.


IMG_5445We concluded the day with some Sprinkles Ice Cream (a reward for walking the whole day – 90ish blocks?) and then headed back to GCS to return back to reality.

I am so excited the summer is almost here so Laura and I can take more trips into the city!!

As for now, I’ll be studying my butt off for finals. Good luck to everyone else doing the same!


The Fashion Newcomer

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  1. Samantha says:

    Love this! I’m headed to NYC for a quick trip in a month and I was looking for recommendations, so this was super helpful!

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Yay! I’m so glad! If you need more feel free to e-mail me, I love talking about NYC and would love to give you some more recommendations!!

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