The Art of Copying (re: The Art of Simplicity)

The Art of Copying (re: The Art of Simplicity)

American Eagle’s new plan: to basically become Brandy Melville. I was walking around the store on Broadway in Soho yesterday, and as I got deeper into the store I realized something: half of the items were direct copycats of Brandy Melville items. I feel that American Eagle is trying to confuse their already established image while simultaneously working to overtake Brandy’s business. It’s no secret that there are more American Eagle stores than Brandy stores currently – meaning that someone in for example, Nebraska, might stumble upon these items and see them as completely original AE items versus them originating from Brandy.

I think it’s funny how American Eagle has now “randomly” decided to shift some of their products to all “one size” and bringing in new casual “normcore” or casual tops and dresses.

I love Brandy as much as the next person, but it’s “hipster” vibe does not match up with that of American Eagle’s. American Eagle is supposed to be different – more teenager-like and bright, complete with simple graphic tees and lots of lace and flowier items. Even more so – American Eagle is known for having a large range of items and not just one size fits all. For example, American Eagle jeans are popular for their different variations on the sizes so that everyone can find a perfect fit. Brandy Melville claims to be “one size fits all”, but it’s definitely not. The fact that American Eagle is trying to edge into that completely changes one of their (once constant) important factors. It’s actually kind of upsetting, given that Brandy’s sizes have caused a ton of controversy.

I’m not the only one to have noticed this similarity – in fact, it seems I’m pretty late to see it (blame it on the fact that I haven’t really been shopping at American Eagle). Here’s a post that I found while searching the web on this topic.

And here is what I mean:

Brandy Melville vs. American Eagle
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