What’s in My Bag (NYC Style)


This week I’ll be heading into the city with Laura for the Smart Girls Group Conference and I am super excited!

The daunting task that comes along with this is packing one bag with all the necessities I will need while we are attending both days of the conference – I figure that doing this post will benefit anyone else going to make sure they aren’t forgetting anything and it also forces me to make a packing list earlier than the night before!

Regardless of this, I am so excited for the conference – expect to see a few posts come out of it in the following weeks!! I’m hoping I’ll learn a lot, have a great time in NYC, and meet a ton of other bloggers/Smart Girls! Comment below if you are attending, I would love to meet you!

I’m from suburban Connecticut so luckily I don’t have to hop on a plane to get to NYC! That being said, I already have a Metrocard from previous travels into the city.

As for the contents of my bag…IMG_6147

Phone, Headphones, Notepad & Pen, Metrocard, Sunglasses, Wallet, Hand Sanitizer, $$, & Mophie

And as per usual, some not pictured things I would recommend bringing: a small mirror, a rollerball of perfume, and some lip products!

As for the most challenging part: I don’t know what bag I am actually taking yet! I need something big enough to hold everything I need to have with me with room left over so I can plop a water bottle, etc. into it if need be.

Tweet me or comment here if you will be attending the conference!

xo, Jamie

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