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I’m going to make a small confession: I haven’t watched Project Runway in quite a few years! So given my absence from the show, I have a few questions… Since when do they not live in Atlas apartments anymore?! And Mary Kay and Phillip B for styling? That’s all certainly new. And does anyone else miss Michael Kors? I do love that now Tim Gunn has the save. Is that new? No? (I told you, it’s been a while!).

The challenge: Make an unconventional spring look that could be featured in New York Fashion Week with given fabrics (…why did they have to give them the fabrics? I love when they go to Mood!).

Guest judge: Julie Bowen – I thought she was a good guest judge – I liked that she voiced opinions because sometimes the guest judges just sit in silence (or at least the way the footage is edited, it appears so).

My observations…

  • Mitchell – Didn’t like his look! It was nice though that he offered to help others – not sure I would do that if I was on the show!
  • I had such high hopes for Sandhya and Angela and didn’t like their looks at all! (But I guess it worked for Sandhya because she won!)
  • I really liked Sam’s piece, her look was super clean. I’m really impartial to black (especially even more so because I didn’t like some of the prints) so this came off super chic.
  • Kini made a nice and wearable look that I enjoyed! It wasn’t necessarily unique, but looked very polished.
  • Emily’s look – ugh. Seems like a swimsuit on top of a dress!
  • Korina is so confident and typically I hate the confident people -I definitely don’t hate her yet but I didn’t think her look was outstanding.
  • Char, Amanda, and Fade made my favorite looks of the night.

Hands down, my favorite challenge on project runway is always when the judges force the designers to make looks out of unusual materials (have you seen Christian Siriano’s Reese’s wrapper dress?! As Barney Stinson would say, that piece was legendary.) I’m excited to see the spin on that this season.

What did you think of the episode? And who are you voting for? Tweet me (@jmebinder) or comment – I’d love to know!

xoxo, Jamie

P.S. Longtime Project Runway fans – check out this hilarious video that highlights the best Project Runway Michael Kors Quotes!

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  1. Carrie says:

    I completely agree with you 100%! Especially about Emily- what even was that?!?!?! I am also with you on the confident people, it really never hurts to be a little humble.


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