Thoughts On Project Runway S13, E3

pr13-ep3-episode2Episode 3! Woo-hoo! I’ve decided to continue with the recaps, and might keep on going until summer is over. If you guys like these, comment below!

Challenge: For Marie Claire’s 20th Anniversary, designers were asked to create a vision of what they think fashion will look like in another 20 years based on how it looked 20 years ago.

Guest Judges: Anne Fulenwider, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire and Amanda De Cadenet, Host of TV Show Undone on Lifetime!

Again, I’m just going to provide so general commentary as the show moves along…

  • FINALLY THEY GO TO MOOD! (I’ve been to Mood, and it is just as cool in person as it is on the show)
  • What is Sandhya making?? Those tubes?
  • I’m excited to see Amanda’s final result. I actually love her commentary because she was on the show before – she definitely does have an added bonus in some areas!
  • I love Char’s inspiration/idea.
  • Has anyone else noticed in the commentary Fade is wearing these weird mini glasses?
  • Alexander’s first look seemed cool in theory – it’s too bad it didn’t work out. I feel so bad he has to start over right away.
  • Sigh. Angela. I think the other contestants don’t like her, but I’m sure she has potential somewhere in her – she just needs to push herself!! But I think her look  could be confused as a chic flight attendant uniform.
  • Loving Kristine’s look and Emily’s look! In past challenges I never thought they stood out, but here I’m loving their work!

Favorites: Kristine (absolutely fabulous!), Mitchell (unexpectedly very cool), Amanda (weird, but I actually like it…I’m surprised that the judges didn’t, given the latest picks they have chosen to win), Emily (so so so cool. Love how she added that necklace too),  Samantha (very sophisticated and structured, a fun look), and Kini (so dark and grunge!)

…okay so I had a lot of favorites! But these designers knocked it out of the park this challenge. I think being able to work solo and choosing their own fabric definitely gave the designers what they needed to succeed!

Bottom three: Sean, Alexander, Angela

Top three: Sandhya, Kristine, Emily


Winner: Sandhya (WHAT?! I don’t understand this pick at all. HER LOOK WAS SO BIZARRE.) I thought for sure Kristine would win. I feel that if Michael Kors was still here he wouldn’t have been on board with Sandhya as the winner (but maybe that’s just because I miss Michael Kors, and I don’t like this look at all).


Going home: Angela (I think this makes sense – although she has potential, I think this show was too much for her and she wasn’t developed enough as a designer to flourish.)

Note: I feel like Char has been consistently doing well but has never won a challenge – I think she is someone to watch out for, because even if she is just “safe” every week, that could take her far!!

*all photos are from here

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2 Responses to Thoughts On Project Runway S13, E3

  1. Carrie says:

    First I have to say I love these and please continue to do them! I agree with you about Sandhya. I have gotten my parents addicted and we were all surprised she won, and that the judges didn’t like Amanda’s look. I think it is good that they sent Angela home. I think the show was too much for her! I am worried that if she really wants to get into high fashion it will be way to intense for her. Great post!


    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      I’m glad you like these posts!! I feel like the judges have been so inconsistent lately – it’s hard to know what they will like or dislike. It’s so funny because all of the other contestants seem to hate Sandhya…but the judges really do like her! And I agree, I think Angela did have potential but not enough for her to be able to stay and fully compete/work in high fashion! xoxo Jamie

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