Thoughts on Project Runway S13, E4

Episode 4!

Challenge: Create a high-runway look from the fabric of a suit, combined with a little bit of other fabric from Mood.

Guest Judge: YouTube star Bethany Mota! Can we just talk about how lucky she is? Essentially she started off with a blog too… just in video form! She also now has a line at Aeropostale.



  • Where is this Red Robin? Definitely not in NYC…
  • There are some really, really, really, ugly suits. The yellow and purple? Yuck. (Lol, those are my school colors!)
  • As soon as Tim says the suit fabric must be a “prominent” part of your outfit, you know you better abide by that when you make your garment!
  • SANDHYA took the yellow and purple?! Good for her for not being afraid of color!
  • I can’t believe Sandhya gets immunity and gets to pick who gets what too? She’s super lucky.
  • Hernan looks so scared! Yikes! And poor Sean too, corduroy is not fun.
  • Not really liking this whole Red Robin partnership… Red Robin does not scream fashion to me!
  • Kini’s design looks so promising! I’m excited to see where this goes.
  • Ugh Korina. Didn’t like her from the beginning. Now she’s trying to pick a fight with Kristine, and it’s so rude! Like, what, you think Kristine will steal your look? C’mon.
  • Hernan, stop playing the “woe is me card.” You were mean to Sandhya, now she was mean to you. That’s life.
  • And honestly, the designers should put themselves in Sandhya’s shoes. She doesn’t know everyone’s design aesthetic off the top of her head, and no one has really been nice to her lately! For her to go out of her way to do something nice (which she claims she did) is really impressive, and shows she was trying to be the bigger person.
  • Sandhya’s addition of the mustaches is weird, and not high fashion (right?). She has immunity though, so she can do whatever she wants!
  • Ooh! I really like Alexander’s look, I think this will redeem him from last week!



  • Korina: I liked it more than I thought I would!
  • Char: Ooh! Very cool. I think it does represent high fashion. Again, she’s going to sneak by every week and make it very far – I think she’s talented.
  • Fade: He manipulated the suit so nicely! I like it.
  • Alexander: Love. Very high fashion, in my opinion.
  • Mitchell: Ugh! Don’t like.
  • Sean: Had high hopes. Don’t like it.
  • Kristine: The pants are so awkward.
  • Amanda: Oooh! I like this so much more than I thought I would. It’s interesting.
  • Kini: SO COOL. Loved it. My favorite look.
  • Emily: I just don’t get the look. I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it either.

Yikes. When Heidi said, “It’s not our first day here,” to Sean, I cringed. That won’t help him!

Winner: Amanda. (Is there a pattern going on here? Past weeks winners: Sandhya, Amanda, Sandhya, and now Amanda again!)

Going Home: Hernan. I agree with this. I think it was his time to go, and I hated what he made!

What did you think of the episode? I want to hear all about your thoughts!

xoxo, Jamie

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2 Responses to Thoughts on Project Runway S13, E4

  1. Carrie says:

    Korina really bothered me in this episode, but I did end up liking her look. I was kind of happy to see Hernan go. I feel like he thinks that nothing was ever his fault. Lots of people got bad suits but worked with it and moved on. I ended up liking Amanda’s look too, even though I didn’t think I was as she was making it. Great post as always!

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      I realized after I wrote this that I liked Korina’s better than Kristine’s, even though I sided with Kristine! Totally agree about Hernan – he is clueless and thinks that all the obstacles are given straight too him. He had such a bad attitude about everything! Totally agree about Amanda – when she was making it, I was confused, but I’m so glad she won. It was so cool! xoxo

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