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Every once in a while, I’m out shopping and see a unique product that I absolutely cannot wait to share with you guys. That happened recently at Crate & Barrel!

Back story: Crate & Barrel really is not my favorite store, and my mom is fairly indecisive, so when we go there, it takes her quite awhile to decide what she’s buying! While she looks around, I usually walk around – sometimes I just hop on twitter and ignore the products altogether, but today I found the most adorable desk product: the Bianca hippo pad (see left). 

Us bloggers cling on to fashion, but let’s be real: we all love our stationery/workspace products too, especially for our to-do lists, blog ideas, and of course, Instagram pics (Stay tuned… you might see a Behind the Instagram post soon!). 

MB312bMonkey Business is based in Israel, which, as mentioned in my 10 Facts About Me Post, is one of my absolutely favorite travel destinations. I got so excited about the brand that I reached out to them – and now here we are collaborating! Their products are fun, quirky, and in my opinion, very blogger-chic without being overly preppy or overly edgy. They also work perfectly in a dorm setting – especially if you need to communicate back and forth with your roommate(s) while you are in and out of the room at different times! And lastly, I think it would make a fabulous gift for someone who you think would love to decorate their workspace!

In addition, I love that these are the kind of products you might find in a small boutique in a small town somewhere – it’s a cute gem that seems it would be carried by fun little shops that you would find in a village while on vacation (I’m thinking something of the likes of a small shop in Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard!).

MB305dMonkey Business also has another great note displaying product: the A Clip. If animals aren’t your thing, then this is the perfect option! It’s clean and because it comes in red, black, and white, I think it’s safe to say it will go with any type of room decor! It’s sleek and comes with the note pads when you order it – but in typical blogger fashion, if you prefer a different color notecard, you could definitely find other note cards to fit inside (from what I can tell, the space inside the clip seems to be fairly large)! Plus, lets not forget that you can also easily jazz these up with a monogram sticker or some washi tape.

I love these products and the quality (from what I can tell) is absolutely outstanding. Using these items can jazz up your workspace so simply – and without paying tons of money for it! The basic design has the ability to adapt to whatever you want it to!

Make sure to check out Monkey Business to see all their desk supplies!


What are your favorite workspace products? 

xoxo, Jamie

*As usual, everything is my personal opinion – I contacted Monkey Business on my own!*

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4 Responses to Update your Workspace with Monkey Business

  1. Carrie says:

    This post was awesome!! I love when people find new products and write about them because everyone else gets to discover new products as well! These look so cool and you are 100% right that all bloggers need these because we are always writing lists and notes. Definitely checking out this company!


    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      I’m so glad you liked the post! Monkey Business is so awesome – let me know if you end up getting anything! xoxo

  2. Laura says:

    OMG this company is too cute!! Thank you so much for sharing – I’m loving their site!! Totally blogger friendly :) Xoxo

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