Proper Planning + Update


Hi all!

This post is just a quick one on what to expect from me going forward into school season (yikes!). This summer I’ve been posting as frequently as I possibly can, and lately I have been easing into a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule with extras on Saturday and Sunday. I’ve decided to carry this into my senior year of high school as best as I can – at least for now! I will admit that if I get really excited about a post, I will publish it right after I write it – which isn’t typically the best idea when trying to stick to a schedule!

In addition, I regret to announce that I may have to discontinue the Project Runway posts (Carrie’s tweet makes me feel so guilty about saying this!)… starting school means I probably won’t have time to both watch the show and write a blog post all on Thursday night to be up immediately on Friday. So here’s what I want to know: If I still continued Project Runway commentary posts but published them on Saturday or Sunday would you still read them? 

I’m fearing that they are getting a bit vague and repetitive so please let me know what you think overall. I guess as I’ve been watching Project Runway, I’ve realized why I fell out of love with it in the first place. It’s not as good as it used to be … anyone else with me on that?

Anyways… these last few days of summer have been busy! I’ve gone into the city a few times (see above), attended my first Nordstrom BP Fashion Board meeting, and have been trying to finish up my summer work.

xoxo, Jamie

P.S. Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post… I promise it’ll be a good one!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Yes Yes Yes 100% times yes I really love to read your input on the show. I would absolutely read it later in the week! But if you really aren’t feeling it anymore would it be ok if I did it??


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