Generalizations About Freshman Year

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School. Sigh. Every time I think about it starting again I get a pit in my stomach, because I’ve been ignoring the fact that I will have to go back as much as I possibly can. I guess I can’t really be in denial anymore that school is actually starting up again.

So on that note, I’ve decided to do a High School Freshman Year Tips/Generalizations post simply because even though I am going into my senior year, I really enjoy reading them on other people’s blogs. It’s just interesting to see everyone’s take on high school, especially how people use their experiences to create a guide for others. I am no expert on anything, these are just my thoughts! I did a junior year experience post already, so if you want to read about probably the toughest year of high school, check that out too!

Note: Keep in mind this “advice” may not apply to everyone. I go to a huge public high school that is comprised up of a few different middle schools – others who go to small private schools might have different experiences. 

Everyone wants to make friends during the first few weeks …and sometimes that means going so far as to be very fake in order to seem more likable. Don’t be surprised if after the “getting to know each other” time interval is over, some people reveal personality traits that don’t quite match up with what you had seen before. Some of the most promising people at the beginning end up being the worst at the end.

For the most part, your social life depends on who is in your classes…because you’ll be spending the most time with those people. But don’t get discouraged if you don’t like the people you are placed with – you’ll just have to make even more of an effort to join clubs in order to meet others.

You’ll meet lots of people in the first few weeks… and some you may never talk to ever again. I distinctly remember a few girls I was briefly introduced on the first few days, and that was the only time in my high school career (thus far) I have ever talked to them. (I thought of this tip when I spotted one of those girls at Trader Joes earlier this week…)

There is some unspoken rule that essentially everything that happened in middle school is in the past… so don’t be surprised if some of the people you were closest with then end up changing drastically to fit in with others in high school.

People latch onto other people very quickly…which can be either good or bad, it just depends on how much drama people can handle when they get too close too fast.

Joining clubs and other activities is intimidating…but very rewarding in the end. My freshman year I joined the school newspaper, which I absolutely love being a part of! But before getting a spot on the paper, I had to go through an interview. The panel that interviewed me consisted of 5 or 6 seniors who seemed so much older and more mature!

Work really hard…freshmen year is the easiest high school will ever be, so don’t let your grades slip. Try your best to establish a good work ethic that will carry on throughout the rest of your high school career.

Remember that some friends are “fit for purpose”… and come into your life to fulfill a need at a certain time and then exit forever.

Freshman year is when people are figuring out who they are… but this ends up carrying over into the rest of high school, because change in adolescence is inevitable.

Get a planner… because using your phone to keep track of assignments might not work out. I know that every blogger ever has done a post on how cute their Kate Spade/Lilly Pulitzer Agenda is (I did one last year) but the truth is that these planners (and planners in general) are actually really functional. It’s good to write down your homework, activities, etc all in one place. Using my phone to keep track of all of this has never worked for me. Also think about this: when you need to refer to your phone to find out when assignment is due, chances are, you will end up on some other app on your phone and spend the whole night procrastinating.

You might not find a full complete group of friends right off the bat…and that’s totally okay! Real high school isn’t like the movies, so don’t expect to be 100% grouped off with certain people right off the bat.

What are your freshman year tips? 

xoxo, Jamie

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4 Responses to Generalizations About Freshman Year

  1. Carrie says:

    I love this post so much Jamie! It is so real and not the typical high school will be great right away talk! These tips are amazing and I wish I had these my freshman year!


  2. Laura says:

    J, I could not be more obsessed with this post!!!! It was soooo accurate! Readers going into freshman year are so lucky to have this post as a guide! Xoxo

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