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I recently did a closet purge. Well sort of. Maybe I didn’t get rid of as much as my mom would’ve liked me to (sorry mom!), but I did make a pile of some items that were way beyond their “fashion expiration date.” The one thing I really didn’t want to get rid of (but knew I had to) was my beloved Tory Burch collared shirt! It’s just a little too small on me now so I had to say goodbye to it. At first, I just stuck it in with the rest of the things that were headed to Goodwill, and thought, “Someone is going to get so lucky when they are sifting through a pile of things at the store and BAM! Tory Burch shirt!”

Fast forward to a few days later, where the bags of clothes were sitting in my basement as we had not brought them to the local Goodwill yet. I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw Nordstrom had put up a post about Fashion Project.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.57.17 PM

Fashion Project is basically an online thrift store that carries specific brands. 55% of the proceeds of the sale of your donated item goes towards a charity of your choice, and just for donating 5 items that comply with their criteria you receive a $40 Nordstrom gift card! 

It is basically a win-win-win. I can get rid of some of the clothes that have been lingering in my closet, money goes toward a charity of my choice (Ovarian Cancer Research in NY!), and I get a $40 giftcard to Nordstrom!

As soon as I saw the Facebook post, I went into the basement and dug through the bags until I found that Tory Burch shirt – I knew that was one of the brands the website accepted. After that, I looked over the designer list again and went back through the bags, coming out with some Free People, J Crew, and Coach items.

From there, I just requested that Fashion Project send me a bag in the mail so that I could send the items back to them. The bag came two days ago, and I put in all my items. I’m not sure how long it will take for the company to process my items, but I’m willing to wait if it means that a Nordstrom gift card(s) will come out of it! If this donation works out, I’ll definitely be more likely to do a closet clean out and send some more things over their way.

Definitely check out Fashion Project! Let me know if you donate anything. Parting with clothes (even if you know they don’t fit) is hard (I know I sound soooo superficial right now…), but it is a bit easier when you know that last season’s shirt can be swapped out for something new at Nordstrom!

xo, Jamie
P.S. I’m not sure if this whole “Friday Find” thing will stay forever (I did something similar last week too) but for now I like the idea of being able to discuss something I stumbled on during the week for you all to read before the weekend kicks off!

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5 Responses to Friday Find: Fashion Project

  1. Carrie says:

    This is so cool; I am definitely going to have to try it! I love that you get rewarded. I little gift card never hurts! ;)


  2. Ellen says:

    This is so great! I will definitely have to try it the next time I do a major closet clean out. I love Nordstrom!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

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