Blog-tember Day 15: Mood Board


Guys. I was freaking out. I couldn’t think of what to do for today’s blog post all weekend! It is so unlike me to not have a single idea (that post idea list I once mentioned I had? I used them all up!). I stumbled across Blog-tember by Brave Love, and instantly new I had to join in, even if just for today. I’m so glad Bailey came up with this for bloggers like myself who just need a little extra push in terms of coming up with ideas every so often.

Today’s prompt is: Make a mood board. Are you brainstorming a room re-do, or are you dreaming of glamping with gal-pals? Share a collage of any kind! (Examples here and here).

Today’s prompt was absolutely perfect for me because I’ve been on a bit of a Pinterest kick lately, particularly in the quotes/desk organization departments. I’ve been needing some more positivity as this time of year is super busy (hello college applications!) so looking at fun quotes are a must. And as for desk inspiration, I’m just obsessed with stationery and desk products in general. My desk isn’t always the neatest, so I feel like looking at some inspiration might help!  My username is @fashionnewcomer, and you guys should definitely follow me.

y1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5  – Graphic created by me @

Do you love desk organization as much as I do? Let me know!

I was also wondering… what time do you want posts to go up on Over the summer it seemed like 9AM or 10AM was more appropriate as everyone was waking up later, but now I wake up at 6AM for school and crave a blog post to read as I procrastinate getting ready in the morning! This post you are reading right now went up at 6AM this morning… was that better? Or would you rather see new posts go up mid-morning or even at night? Let me know by commenting or taking the quick survey below!

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xoxo, Jamie

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6 Responses to Blog-tember Day 15: Mood Board

  1. Carrie says:

    Yes!!!! I have been loving desk organization too! I actually had to make a Pinterest board earlier this month for just desk stuff because it was taking over my dream home board! LOL


    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Haha, as I was on Pinterest I realized that there were too many cute desk pictures to not have a Pinterest board for it!! xo

  2. Melissa says:

    The boxes! I am obsessed with them. And you can buy them at wal-mart for $2 a piece!


  3. chloe gordon says:

    desk organization has to be the only organization that I like haha… love the pictures you pulled!

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