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Remember when some of our favorite bloggers went “unplugged”? (See here)

I’m creating a new challenge: for us bloggers to forego our personal media accounts to regenerate a sense of positivity. Think of it like a juice cleanse for the soul (only half kidding….lol). I’ve seen so many bloggers recently talk about how they are in a “funk”. Others are choosing to discuss how their life isn’t a constant highlight reel. I too have been in a bit of a slump over a whole slew of things.

I’ve learned (lately more than ever) that it is super easy to get caught up in stupid things. While in high school, it seems like certain people will be in our lives forever and that moments we want to forget will never transfer out of our brains. 

I’ve chosen to distance myself from my personal Facebook for awhile –  I had my mom change the password. I did this primarily to work on my college applications, but it doubles as a nice detox. When I feel I do need to go on, I have her log on for me.

I also deleted Snapchat off my phone. If you ask me, snapchat is slowly becoming one of the worst media platforms – it’s addicting and also kind of negative!

Some might think that I should log off all of my media accounts. Yet, my blog Twitter & Instagram accounts are actually quite positive, and I love maintaining relationship with my blogger friends! Scrolling through my twitter feed and reading about girly (known to others as superficial) things is the kind of distraction I do want from the chaos of applying to college!

If you ever need to vent, shoot me an e-mail at And if you decide to participate in something similar, feel free to post about it (and make sure to tweet it to me so I know!). I haven’t set a deadline as to when I will stop – I think I will just leave it be so I can live my life without thinking about everyone else’s.

xo, Jamie

P.S. If you ever need cheering up, search quotes on pinterest! I swear, it’s an instant day-maker.

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6 Responses to Social Media Detox

  1. I completely agree with you about negative social media sites! I barely ever get on my personal sites because they are so negative and my blog ones are so much more fun!


  2. Michaela says:

    Social media can be so negative, not in just other people’s comments but in comparing yourself to other people. I deleted Facebook off my phone and I find myself going on it less and less. Twitter and instagram are pretty important for blogging but I definitely could unplug if I chose to! Great post!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  3. Laura says:

    I completely agree that giving up your personal social media can be super beneficial. On top of the negativity it’s such a distraction. Sometimes I’m so into the digital world that I forget I’m living the real one. The problem is that it’s so addicting!! Maybe I’ll build up the courage to detox. Great post :) Xoxo

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Could not agree more!! Totally addicting – it’s so hard to pull the plug and say goodbye to it!! So glad you liked the post :) xoxo

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