Procrastination Destination: TV Line-Up

Need an excuse to procrastinate or un-wind? Take this post as your excuse – go check out the following TV shows! (And if you are supposed to be studying right now and don’t have time for procrastination, check out Laura’s post!)


A to Z / NBC

This show is too cute. I can’t wait to see where it is headed! I love the pairing of Cristin Millioti and Ben Feldman, who play a couple that get together and date for eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour, as the omniscient, all-knowing narrator informs viewers. The episodes each take on a theme based on one letter of the alphabet, and show the process of Millioti and Feldman’s character getting together. It is unclear what will happen at the end of the time they date for – will they get engaged or break-up? I for one vote for engagement, but we’ll see!


How to Get Away with Murder / ABC

I was originally drawn to this show because of Viola Davis, and I will say that she is the one who holds this show together. Almost everyone else is more of an “unknown” actor (the one exception being Katie Findlay, who was on The Carrie Diaries). Davis plays defense lawyer and professor Annalise Keating, who grills her law school students while simultaneously working on real world cases. This show is intense and to be honest a bit confusing, but definitely worth a watch. Davis is an amazing actress, and I am very intrigued by all the other story lines going on. I actually wrote about Davis and her role on the show in today’s Smart Girls Group Smart Mail, so check that out!


Law and Order SVU / NBC

This show is a classic! It has been on for years, but I just recently starting watching both re-runs and the new season. If you are new to the show too – no worries! A large chunk of it can be found on Netflix. Some (if not all) of the story lines are based off of real life cases, so it is really interesting to see how everything is twisted to fit into a television episode format. In addition, Mariska Hargitay is such a great actress!!


The Mindy Project / FOX

I know, I talk about the Mindy Project on this blog a ton but I’ll just do one last mention for good measure. This show is hilarious and I totally recommend it! Mindy Kaling plays an OBGYN living in New York City balancing her work and personal life. She is charismatic and funny, and makes witty remarks about everything around her. The show focuses on the office she works in (Shulman & Associates), covering the lives of nurses, receptionists, and the other OBGYNs.


Shark Tank / FOX

I haven’t watched Shark Tank yet this season, but in the past I’ve always loved it. It’s a serious show compared to the others, with the purpose of giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to recieve money from “Sharks” to jumpstart their businesses. Of course, there is a lot of drama given that in return for giving money, the Sharks demand equity in the company. Some of the ideas presented are innovative and super interesting – others not so much – therefore creating funny moments as Sharks dismiss people and ridicule their ideas. This show definitely takes a watch to fully understand the concept, so definitely give it a try!

Funnily enough, I don’t really have time to be watching TV right about now (college applications are extremely time consuming!), but when I want to relax I catch up on these shows!

What have you been watching lately?

xo, Jamie

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