Organizing 101 feat. Tiny Tulip Monograms


Senior year is so stressful! People neglect to tell you how hard Senior year is when it starts because trust me – balancing blogging, school, after school activities, and applying to colleges is a lot to handle. All I want is to take a breather and go relax on a Tropical Island, but I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon… (unless anyone wants to take me on a vacation!).

Lately, it seems everyone has organization on the brain – I’ve read so many amazing posts on people’s different takes on staying organized so I had to throw my take into the mix. Here’s what’s worked for me…


Don’t overload your planner. I use my planner almost exclusively for school. It stresses me out to see everything else on it when I could just easily make to-do lists regarding blog and after school activities at home. If my planner is overcrowded and messy, its harder for me to keep track of assignments. (This might just be a Type A/OCD thing, but if something is messy, I immediately get stressed.) Also – the picture above is for a week of school that I am planning ahead for – having such a small amount of homework (ex. what is written down right now!) would be amazing!

Extra Tip: I started color coding by class and I actually like it. I can’t promise I will stick to it throughout the whole year, but for now it keeps my planner clean and easy on the eyes.

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Make a To-Do List for everyday. And stick to it. Maybe it’s just me, but there is absolutely nothing worse than making a to-do list and then having to constantly add to it while you are simultaneously checking things off (making you feel as if you are getting nothing done). I like to sit down and really jot down absolutely EVERYTHING I might possibly have to do, and then do it in order of top priority to least priority. When I get something done, I cross it off in green. When I fail to complete something in the time frame I wanted to and will have to do it later, I cross it off in grey.

Extra Tip: Write down what you have to do on a simple sheet of paper (or a checklist) and tape it down to your desk. I’ve been doing this lately and it is so helpful! I don’t have a desk calendar, so I basically make my own by taping these sheets down.


Make your supplies cute! You are going to have look at them a lot, so make your supplies reflect your style! Tiny Tulip has the cutest stickers that add brightness and fun to objects that typically represent stress. The monogram on my agenda is from Tiny Tulip – it is absolutely perfect! I also like to buy notepads with fun sayings on them, like “I’m Gonna Make it Happen” or “Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle” or “Keep Calm and Shop On.”

Extra Tip: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods have great cheap office supplies. They are cute, very functional, and the basis of my organizational methods. I also really like Poppin’s pads for simple 1-10 to-do lists.

Hope this helped a little bit! Let me know what you do to stay organized – I’m always looking for more tips!

xo, Jamie

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  1. Neidelyn says:

    All your stationary is so cute! Totally agree that TJ Maxx is the place to go for cute & cheap supplies!

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