If Bloggers Were Honest (Collab with Plain Insane & Insanely Plain)


Okay so fair warning: the following post is a bit of a satire. Laura and I came up with the idea to do this type of a post in school one day when we were absolutely cracking up at the fact that some of what bloggers do is just so… (for lack of a better word) stupid. We’ve all done Behind the Instagram posts that reveal the truth behind our instagrams, but nothing has been invented yet to investigate that similar behavior on our own websites. Laura and I aren’t afraid to admit that we partake in these stereotypical blogger activities time to time, but even more the reason to make fun of them, right?

So without further ado, here is a list of things that bloggers do – and the truth behind them/some extra commentary…

1. Quote Posts –  For when you have nothing to post about

We’ve all done them (see mine here). Any other bloggers agree with me here? I feel like a good quote/Pinterest post is always tucked away in the back of my mind for when I have absolutely nothing to say. It’s just a good back-up post because it is so simple to put together.

2. To-Do Lists – They are never glamorous

I am so guilty of this one myself, but seriously – why has the blogger community made to-do lists seem like the most glamorous things in the world?! We all have a lot on our plate as students or working adults, etc. so whenever I see a long to-do list, although I feel happy to be organized in knowing what I have to do, I frown at the sight of soooo many tasks to complete!

3. What’s the deal with pictures that have zero relevance to the post?

Did you see that beautiful photo of the ocean above and think, huh? Exactly. Time and time again I just see bloggers copy and pasting beautiful photos from Pinterest that have nothing to do with the content of the post! I get that often we just crave a visual element and pick out something beautiful, but it happens way too often! (And yes, before you peg me as a hypocrite, I have done this myself. See here)

4. Brunch? God forbid we eat any other meal over the weekend…

Bloggers love brunch. Maybe it’s because “bloggers” and “brunch” just sounds good together? Whatever it is, whenever bloggers talk about meals, it is almost 95% of the time brunch. I totally vote yes to brunch too – I just find the high volume of brunch-goers in the blogging community to be hilarious! (Maybe there’s this unspoken assumption that you have to like brunch to be a blogger ….just sayin’)

5. Weekly Posts – Minimizing the number of post ideas you need per week

I’ve dabbled in weekly reoccurring posts twice, each theme only lasting for two weeks (here, here, here, and here). Each time I start one, I come to the same realization: do I really want to dedicate a whole day of each week to just this one type of post? So then I stop. Now don’t get me wrong – sometimes I love reading weekly posts on other people’s blogs, but in truth lets be real here people: as bloggers, we can be overwhelmed with having to brainstorm unique content for everyday of the week. Therefore, having a set format to default to is nice; plus coming up with one less idea for the week is pretty tempting.

….was this too harsh? All in good fun, obviously. Check out Laura‘s post on this topic too! And make sure to sound off in the comments.

xoxo, Jamie

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5 Responses to If Bloggers Were Honest (Collab with Plain Insane & Insanely Plain)

  1. Laura says:

    I loved collaborating with you!!! So great to meet you ;) also… TO-DO LISTS?! That is groundbreaking. What a suggestion… Truly.

    On a serious note, I loved the post (obviously) and I bet you started writing it over some frozen yogurt. Xo

  2. Mary says:

    Lol I think I have only done the “to-do list” but it’s always with The Nectar Colective weekly wishes goal-setting link-up. This was a pretty amusing list, Jamie haha.

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Haha – I am an avid list maker, but they are always so messy and sloppy! Definitely not so presentable at all. Thanks so much Mary, I’m so glad you liked it!

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