Shopping Session: Designers x Low End Stores


Today’s post is all about designer’s collections with lower end stores. I was prompted to do this by the recent Alexander Wang x H&M and Kate Spade x Gap collections, but the practice of lower-end stores collaborating with high-end designers isn’t new: there was Prabal Gurung for Target, Philip Lim for Target, and waaay back, Missoni for Target. The idea behind these collaborations is seemingly innocent: designers wanting to provide clothes and accessories at a lower end price so they are more accessible to the masses.

However, these collections end up causing some controversy in the fashion world, as they sell out so quickly that only those who sit at their laptops waiting to click “order” get dibs on what is available. The whole thing is a bit hypocritical, as the idea is to make the collections accessible, when in actuality, they become the opposite. Those who buy up the items right as they are released often go to re-sell them online on sites like Ebay or Amazon for a hefty price tag.


The other interesting thing about these collections is that sometimes people get angry over the fact that people stumble upon them without knowing who the designer in question is, and just love the products and buy them. The people who make this argument say it is unfair to those who know exactly who the designer is and have been dreaming of owning one of that particular designer’s pieces.

But isn’t the idea of buying something because you like it, not because of a specific designer, what fashion truly is about? Sure, designers do hold their weight and a product definitely has more appeal if a strong fashion figure is behind it, but why are we bickering about the fact that some people just have a true love for fashion?


What are your thoughts on these collections? See previous posts from me on similar topics here and here.

xoxo, Jamie

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3 Responses to Shopping Session: Designers x Low End Stores

  1. Katie says:

    How did I completely miss the Kate Spade x Gap collection?! One of my favorites was Versace x H&M. Last Christmas I got a Tory Burch lunch box for $8 from her collection she did with Target!! –Katie

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Maybe you missed it because it was Gap Kids?! I wish it was for adults (or if I could just track down an XL in Kids, lol!). Whoa!! I can’t believe you got a TB lunch box for $8. That’s incredible!

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