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I’m following up last week’s Blogging 101 post with another one! I got a ton of positive feedback on that post so I definitely want to continue the series. I’m just going to post them as I think of topics that would benefit other bloggers – and this week, I had the idea to do one all about graphics, as that was something that truly confused me when I was starting out. So here we go…

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Pinterest / As best said by Laura, for use when you can’t take your own pics

In the collaboration I did with Laura, she said, “Pinterest – for when you are too lazy to take your own pics,” and I totally agree. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shy away from it – just be up front about it! Everything is crafted to perfection on pinterest, so if that is the look you want, then feel free to grab a graphic from there to supplement your post. Just be weary of making sure the picture isn’t completely irrelevant to your post topic….

DSLR Camera Think about investing in one

My parents graciously bought me the Canon Rebel t4i a few years ago and I love it so much. The picture quality is flawless. I use it for my blog all the time (outfit pictures!), but I also use it while I’m away on vacation. Now – bloggers don’t necessarily need DSLRs (see my smart-phone bullet point!), but they can be worth it if you think you’ll use it for both your blog and personal life.

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PolyvoreGo-to site for making your own graphics

I love Polyvore. It is a complete lifesaver! Cathleen did a super in-depth post here that I 100% recommend for extra details on how to use this site. There are ways to make your own graphics using powerpoint (see Dorothy’s post here), but Polyvore makes everything super easy and you can embed it into your blog so that all the links of where to purchase items are automatically there. I use Polyvore way too much, but I feel that when I do I am really making informative graphics!


Smart-Phone Camera / Amazing quality on the go

I can’t speak for Android users, so I am only speaking on behalf of the iPhone, but the quality truly is amazing. Having a great camera with you wherever you go (considering most of us are attached to our phones) is definitely necessary in the blogging world. Definitely utilize your smart phone – you might get some of the best pictures out of it!

Missing the summer ☀️

A photo posted by Jamie Eimbinder (@fashionnewcomer) on

Editing Apps / And this is where I turn it over to you…

I’m a bit lazy with editing apps and the only one I truthfully use is VSCO cam (side note: does anyone know how to pronounce this correctly?). It seems sometimes like editing apps for Instagram or Blog Photos is such a hugely guarded secret in the blog world, which is absolutely hilarious (but hence why I need your help!). Please leave me a comment with what you like to use best. I’ve heard great things about Snapseed, but I’m not sure what else!

Comment down below with other topics you’d like to see for Blogging 101! I’d love to hear what else you guys are curious about in the blogging world…

xoxo, Jamie

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2 Responses to Blogging 101: Graphics

  1. I have a DSLR, but because my blog is new and I’m slightly afraid to ask for my roommate to take pictures of me, I’ve been getting creative with my small Canon Elph, which has an automatic time function which is easier to use then my DSLR’s!

    Marisa | Florida Sun and Curls

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      That is such a good point – finding someone to take outfit pictures is so hard/so awkward! I typically make my brother do it, which is hilarious. I’ll have to check out the Canon Elph, that seems great! Thanks for leaving a comment.

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