A Guide to Stocking Stuffers & Little Gifts

I love stocking stuffers and little gifts – they are so fun. When stores debut the little value sets or deals, they are so hard to resist. However, between stocking stuffers, secret santa gifts, or one of the eight nights of Hanukkah, there are tons of opportunities to purchase these for friends and family!

Stocking Stuffers & Little Gifts

Stocking Stuffers & Little Gifts by thefashionnewcomer

I love all of these picks, but hands down the Knock Knock products are my favorite. I’ve already done a whole post on Knock Knock here which is about the brand in full. Knock Knock reached out to me and asked me to look into their holiday gifts and I couldn’t resist – they have amazing options.

I ended up choosing the sticky note packets as my favorite – I love that you can get 6 sets of notes in one group, maximizing your variety yet minimizing desk clutter! I have so many sticky notes, but these are plain fun! A pack of the classic, basic Post-It Notes wouldn’t probably make a good gift – but the playfulness in the Knock Knock version make them something I think everyone would enjoy.

My three favorite sticky note packets are: Days of the Week (here), Time Critical (here), and Honest Acronyms (here).

All the various sticky notes have hilarious notes at the bottom. The Honest Acronyms in particular makes me crack up. For example, WTF = What’s this for?, ASAP = As slowly as possible, OMG = Officially mindless garbage, FYI = Frequently yawning inside, BTW = Beginning to Worry, and TMI = Too many idiots. 

There are 6 designs in each packet, with 40 stickies each, meaning you get 240 notes ($0.05 a note!).

Whether it be for a secret santa exchange, a white elephant, a gift for a co-worker or a roommate, Knock Knock is a perfect solution. It’s fun, easy (sold online, or even found at Urban Outfitters or the Container Store), and is gender-neutral.

Make sure to sign up for the Knock Knock newsletter here! I love getting this in my inbox – it brightens my day as everything Knock Knock does is hilarious.

What’s your favorite stocking stuffer or little gift?

xoxo, Jamie

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