New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

What a whirlwind week this past week was! I got into my first college (whoo!), which was absolutely amazing and such a relief. Now just to wait for the rest…

Anyways, I am so excited to bring you another #Countdown2Blogmas post. This one, as I’m sure you saw by the headline, is all about New Year’s. I know – it’s a bit crazy to think about New Year’s when Christmas hasn’t even happened yet, but I think all of us girls know a killer outfit needs a ton of preparation – starting now! I  typically don’t have a fancy New Years, but I know some people do, so I put together three sets ranging from Fancy Soiree to Pajama Party.

New Year's Eve: Fancy

New Year’s Eve: Fancy by thefashionnewcomer

The highlight of this outfit, obviously, is that gorgeous Joe Fresh fringe skirt. I absolute love it and think it would be great for a party. I know the top seems a bit “Business Casual” but I think it would add a polished, structured element to the “crazy “skirt. The bag adds a nice pop of color, which I think is perfect when you are dressing in gray and black hues.

New Year's Casual Hangout

New Year’s Casual Hangout by thefashionnewcomer

Notice the pattern? Neutral colored outfit, pop of color with the handbag. I think red is such a classic color, hence why it would look great with black and grey. Your typical monogram necklace would look great with this casual outfit. Also – that sweatshirt (from Joe Fresh) is absolutely amazing and I think I need it in my wardrobe now!

New Year's: Pajama Party

New Year’s: Pajama Party by thefashionnewcomer

And last but not least – a fun little pajama set and some extra cozy looking slippers. I think that’s really all there is to it when it comes to a New Year’s Pajama Party! If a matching set isn’t your thing, throw on a pair of your baggiest sweatpants and ring in the new year comfortably!

What will you be wearing for New Year’s?

xoxo, Jamie

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