Expect the Unexpected

Another lengthy, ramble-y post from me. I know, I know… sometimes they can be a bit much, but they are therapeutic for me and possibly for others too!



I’ve learned, more so now than ever, to expect the unexpected. And although it can be hard to hear this, sometimes, having no expectations at all can often make you feel the best about yourself.

This time of year we ease into either one of two path ways: the one where we reflect on all that we have, or the one where we constantly expect things. Of course, some confuse being selfish with having expectations. I don’t agree. Sometimes, it is good to be selfish. Hell, I’ve learned the hard way that being selfish is not at all a negative if you do it strategically. I just mean to suggest that we have to stop thinking that everything will come to us on a silver platter, or that people will change, or that things will work out because there is always the possibility that they might not.

I’ll stop myself before I go any further: I don’t want this post to be interpreted the wrong way. I am thoroughly lucky to have tremendous support from my family, as they always meet and exceed my expectations. I am so honored to have these people that I can trust in my life, to have such a great relationship with those immediately within my reach. In this sense, I have no complaints – no whining or ranting to do. It’s the other areas, things that are out of your control, people who don’t care if they hurt your feelings – those are the aspects of life to watch out for.

The saying goes that there are three sides to the story: yours, mine, and the truth. Those who don’t uphold the expectation that you once had for them obviously did so for a reason. Whatever their motive was at the time, whether it was a spur of the moment decision or a long drawn out process, you can only assume what went through their head.

And don’t get me started on assumptions either. As my parents like to say, when you assume, you make an “ass out of you and me.” Assumptions can be good – they can give us hope when we need it – but they can also be terrible, and cause you to go to the immediate worst possible outcome. As a society, we will never stop assuming. I will never stop assuming. But the issue with assumptions, just like expectations, is that they can lead us down the wrong path.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that we need to prepare ourselves for whatever might happen – we can assume or expect things, but we might be wrong about the outcome. We will never truly know what we are up against in every case; all we have is the hope that things will work out. And regardless, the things we worry about now probably won’t matter in a year – maybe even in a month.

xoxo, Jamie

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  1. Carrie says:

    I love these posts Jamie! They are so helpful and, you are right, therapeutic.


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