An End to Countdown to Blogmas


Merry Christmas! Today I’ll be enjoying some Chinese food (I already went for Hibachi last night!) and going to see a movie – the usual things most Jewish people do on Christmas!

Normally I wouldn’t post today, but I just wanted to announce the end of #Countdown2Blogmas! It is so crazy how quickly these past few weeks have flown by! I’ve had such an amazing time working with the other girls to produce all of this incredible content. Hopefully I’ll be able to work with them all again sometime soon! (…Maybe a Countdown to Valentine’s Day in our future? Hehe!)

I’ve compiled links of posts from this collaboration that I think would still be useful in the remaining days of your Holiday Break/going into 2015! Obviously, a lot of the posts were very holiday/Christmas themed, but some posts will still be helpful post-holiday season…

Failed DIY / The Fashion Newcomer (side note: I re-made these cookies and they were delicious! Definitely recommend)

Italian Cookie Recipe / The College Lifestylist

Midterms & Finals Tips / CarrieOn Blogs (My midterms aren’t until late January, so I’ll definitely be revisiting this post!)

Staying Fit During the Holidays / A Sprinkle of Kate (Let’s face it, we’ll need to start getting fit now after all the food we’ve eaten during this holiday season!)

New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas / The Fashion Newcomer

Gifts that Keep on Giving / Makin it with Marissa (Although Marissa posed these as gift ideas, it could be fun to treat yourself to one now knowing that you have survived the craziness of the holiday season!)

DIY Christmas Gift  / Classy Cathleen (I think this would be awesome as a birthday gift, etc. going forward!)

I know a ton of other bloggers have proclaimed that they will be taking a blogging hiatus for the next few days – I might do the same, but simply to just get ahead with writing/preparing more content I want to post!

Merry Christmas/Happy Chinese Food Eating! What was your favorite #countdown2blogmas post?

xoxo, Jamie


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