Newcomer in NYC: Cronuts & SoHo


Hi all! Sorry for my absence on Friday – I decided not to post (as I sort of warned in this post) but for good reason: I was in New York City getting Cronuts and spending the day in SoHo and the Lower East Side! If you’ve read my Twitter bio, then you know eating a Cronut has been a long-time goal (if you can even call eating a piece of food a goal) of mine. I’ve been doing lots of NYC themed picture posts recently (see the last one here), so I decided to create a “series” out of it with the name Newcomer in NYC. Let me know what you think! I’m doing this one in timeline fashion again to stress how EARLY I got into the city to taste this amazing pastry.

5:05am: I woke up later than I was supposed to – therefore creating a bit of a frenzy later on (but I’ll get to that momentarily). I got dressed, gathered my stuff, and despite being tired, I was excited knowing that in three hours, I’d get to try the infamous Cronut.

Cronut – noun. A pastry by the chef Dominique Ansel found exclusively at Dominque Ansel Bakery at 189 Spring Street in NYC. The flavor changes monthly, and this month it was Dark Chocolate Raspberry. Don’t let the knock offs fool you: this one is the real deal.

5:49am: The train we were trying to catch was at 5:50am, and we literally walked into the train station (after parking the car) at 5:49am. When we ran in, we saw that the status of the train was listed as “arriving,” so we literally flew down the stairs and miraculously hopped on the train in time.


6:35am: Arrival at Grand Central! I tweeted, “6:41am and we are at Grand Central. This is dedication.” Side note: I’ve never seen Grand Central so empty.

6:50am: My mom and I met up with our family friends and hopped on the subway to go downtown to SoHo. We had a few mishaps with our MetroCard but nevertheless we made it!


7:18am: We took two subway trains to get down to SoHo (one was a bit delayed) so we finally reached Dominique Ansel by 7:18. There was already a line of about 30 people – but I knew this meant we would definitely be getting cronuts.

7:35am: The Bakery staff was sweet enough to pass out samples of their Madeline cookies, which were fresh out of the oven and so incredibly delicious. I had read that they service the line – sometimes giving out bakery goodies and hot chocolate, so it was awesome that this actually happened.


7:45am: The line grew all away around the little park that is near the bakery! Obviously, the hype for this pastry has not died down.


8:30am: After two waves of groups of 15 were let in, we were next. The Bakery is so cute inside – their other goods looked amazing too!

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8:45am: Time to eat! Dominique Ansel has an awesome glass encased seating area in the back of the restaurant, so we plopped down there, instagrammed, and got ready to eat. The Cronut is AMAZING. Worth all the hype, and definitely worth waiting in line. If you ever get a chance, you need to get one!



9:35am: We left Dominique Ansel in pursuit of some shopping. Most of the stores, however, didn’t open until 10am so SoHo was empty! It was nice to see it without the streets packed – later on, tourists and native New Yorkers alike were everywhere

The rest of the morning consisted of trips in and out of stores like Anthropolgie, Madewell, Topshop, and more. Around Lunch, we decided to go to Katz’s Delicatessen, which is a New York staple. There was another line to get in here too, but the food makes it all worth it. I recommend a Cornbeef Sandwich on Rye – it is absolutely amazing. Here are some pictures from the rest of the day…

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This was such a fun way to spend a day of my winter break!

What have you been doing on your break off from school? And have you ever tried a Cronut? 

xoxo, Jamie


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8 Responses to Newcomer in NYC: Cronuts & SoHo

  1. So glad your twitter bio finally came to life! So exciting, and they look so yummy! Love the Newcomer in New York by the way :)

  2. Stephanie says:

    After reading this post, I seriously need to go to NYC soon (and of course try a cronut) :)

  3. Kadasia says:

    Makes me want to visit even more! Love the post!


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