The Best of the Blogger Products

Best of the Blogger Products

There are some products – whether they be clothing items, notebooks, shoes – that seem to circulate on almost every teen fashion blog. For those who are outsiders looking in, I would imagine there might be some confusion regarding what is actually worth the hype and what is just something everyone buys into. I’ve rounded up the best of the blogger products that I have personally tried!

Lilly Pulitzer Planner | For school purposes, I absolutely swear by my Lilly Agenda. I know, I know – some people refuse to use an agenda or some just refuse to spend the money on a Lilly one. Yes, it is expensive. But I think it has been a great tool to keep me organized – I need large space so I can jot down everything, and this planner perfectly accommodates that. (Side note: not the most durable planner you could buy. The spine on mine broke last year – but customer service eventually did come around and sent me a new one.)

J. Crew Statement Necklaces | Seemingly every blogger has at least one J. Crew statement necklace. Honestly – the necklace doesn’t even have to be J. Crew (or J. Crew factory!), but that just seems to be a popular favorite. I truly do think that owning a few statement necklaces is a must – it adds an extra level to an otherwise plain outfit. Honestly, it is the perfect trick to making yourself look more put together than you actually are!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac | This is not as big on the blog scene in terms of being mentioned in posts, but I’ve noticed that many bloggers wear these in pictures. I absolutely love Rebecca Minkoff bags (see here, here, and here) – they are timeless and extremely well made. (A post to come soon on my handbag addiction…) Seriously though, if you want to invest in a designer handbag that isn’t too expensive (can sometimes be cheaper than Kate Spade!) then this is the way to go. And, if you check very carefully, you can often find Rebecca Minkoff in TJ Maxx.

Warby Parker Sunglasses | So so so many bloggers post about Warby Parker (see my post here) – but they are 100% justified in doing so, as Warby Parker produces amazing glasses at the best price points. Both my mom and I have sunglasses from the brand and love them. Plus, the stores are so cute and the employees are extremely accommodating – and if your glasses stretch out, you can go into any store (at any time!) to get them tightened.

Anthropologie Initial Mug | How could this not be on the list? The amount of bloggers that have this mug may be well over infinity. I just bought it the other day (in gold, on sale!) and I love how it looks on my desk. Yes – that’s another thing – most bloggers use it to store pens and pencils as opposed to using it for actually drinking coffee/tea – in my mind, that makes it easier to justify buying it (decor piece > coffee mug).

Hunter Boots | I once was a skeptic too. I thought, How could anyone spend 100+ dollars on rain boots? But the truth is, I get enormous use out of these boots. I wear them in both the rain and the snow, and they work well with both glam and lazy outfits (which is probably one of their best selling points, if you ask me). They are very durable, and definitely do keep up well in extreme weather.

Kate Spade Phone Case | Bloggers are a bit addicted to phone cases (myself included). I think I speak for many when I say that we like to change out our cases quite frequently – but the brands stay consistent, with Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, and J. Crew often topping the list. Lately, I’ve seen the most Kate Spade. Here’s the deal with these cases: no, they are not the most durable/protective, but chances are, that’s not the reason you are buying it… right?

What’s your favorite “blogger” product? 

xoxo, Jamie

*I should probably make a disclaimer that I see these products more so on the “preppier” blogs (but I’m sure as you read this you figured that out!).

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6 Responses to The Best of the Blogger Products

  1. Marissa says:

    Great post! In terms of phone cases, I bought a Kate Spade one and took it back the very next day. So not protective and – even worse – the “Kate Spade” part came off after a day! If it’s not going to be protective and it’s also not going to show off a cute brand, then what’s the point? ;) On the other hand, I love the Lilly ones! I’ve found my Theta Lilly case to be SO durable and protective and even scratch-resistant!


    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Thank you! Oh my god – that is absolutely terrible! Did you try contacting customer service? Maybe they would replace it for you? Haha totally agree though – no cute brand, then definitely not worth it :) I haven’t had a Lilly case yet but I will have to try one the next time I feel like switching my case out!! xoxo

  2. Michaela says:

    This post is so cute! I love my Lilly agenda!

    Enter to win $50 dollar of store credit to White Plum today on the blog!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  3. Amanda says:

    Love this post! So accurate haha
    Have a lovely day!!
    Amanda from
    Affordable by Amanda

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