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Bloggers devote themselves to social media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest… you name it, there’s a hub of bloggers on it. And because of that enormous presence, it would seem only natural that bloggers have their own set of emojis, am I right? Here are some ideas for blogger emojis… (I have no idea how to actually make emojis, but if anyone does, then lets do it! And perhaps if not actual emojis, maybe emoji stickers?) 

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Starbucks Cup | No explanation needed, am I right? The only thing better than Starbucks would be a cute, local, and trendy cafe that serves amazing coffee.

Lilly Sale | It only happens twice a year but when it does, us bloggers hype it up. If Lilly Pulitzer refrained from marketing the sale at all, the mass amount of bloggers would call enough attention to it on their own. (Side Note: Anyone score anything good from Monday’s Sale?) I definitely think a Lilly Pulitzer screen on a computer would be an absolutely perfect emoji for the sale. 

J. Crew Shopping Bag | Preppy bloggers are all about J. Crew. And with the store’s frequent (as of late) extra 40% off of sale, many purchases have been made by all. Therefore, a J. Crew Shopping Bag is a necessity. 


Cute Agenda | Ban.do, Lilly Pulitzer, Day Designer, Sugar Paper, and Kate Spade agendas are basically blogger essentials. Therefore, I think every blogger would love to have an open book agenda (with a few scribbles in it) emoji! Of course, it would have to be written in one of those script fonts we all love.

Browsing on Pinterest | Like the Lilly Sale emoji, a computer screen with Pinterest on it is so necessary for a blogger emoji set. I think I speak for many when I say that a Pinterest is an integral part of being a blogger – we love all the inspirational quotes and the outfit ideas!

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Macaron | Talk to any blogger, and I guarantee you that one of their favorite foods is a macaron. A small macaron emoji is a necessity!

Ice Cream Cone | One of the ultimate blogger Instagram shots is an ice cream cone with sprinkles. I know there is an ice cream cone emoji – but one with sprinkles would be perfect for a whole blogger set.


To-Do List | Bloggers and To-Do Lists are inseparable. A cute little notepad (perhaps this “iconic” Sugar Paper one) with a scribble on it would be so perfect for when bloggers tweet about getting things done or when they Instagram a cute desk shot.

Gallery Wall | I’m not quite sure how this could be done in an appropriate emoji size, but a very very very mini gallery wall (I’m thinking a pink background and some minuscule frames) would be integral to a blogger emoji set.

Brunch | As already written up here, bloggers absolutely adore brunch. I’m not quite sure how this would be illustrated, but the simple food emojis that exist now just don’t seem to cut it! I’m thinking an aerial view of a table, a la Instagram style? (Yes, I know this is very unrealistic)

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Avocado Toast | Do I need to explain? Avocado Toast seems to be a staple blogger food. Sure, there is the basic toast emoji – but one embellished a little bit to resemble avocado toast would be perfect to accompany all of the instagrammed pictures of this home-made, Le Pain Quotidien, and any trendy brunch place food favorite.

Bean Boots | This is a huge blogger favorite – how cool would this be as an emoji?

Blanket Scarf | If you are a blogger, or if you follow lots of bloggers on Instagram/Twitter, then you know exactly what I’m talking about: this one. We’re all obsessed, right? This would be so fun if you were tweeting out an outfit post that included the scarf.

Okay, okay, so I am completely joking. Maybe only half-joking, because to be honest, I would like these emojis for myself (for one thing, they would’ve been great in the captions of those Instagram photos)! Thoughts?

xoxo, Jamie

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11 Responses to Emojis that Bloggers Need

  1. Rach says:

    I totally agree with you girlfriend! The ones I would LOVE to see the most would be a Starbs cup, macaron, and Bean Boots! They would be totally adorable and would make for a great collab!

    Xo, Rach
    Seashells + Sparkles

  2. Katie says:

    I definitely could use some of these emojis! A macaron & Starbucks cup are a must.


  3. Michaela says:

    Absolutely loving this post! I am cracking up. I could/would use all of these emojis on a DAILY basis.

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  4. Adalia says:

    Neat post! I agree with these emoji ideas,very nice!


  5. Kate says:

    Absolutely LOVE this! So so true!
    This Side of Paradise

  6. Carrie says:

    These would all be so perfect and useful! hahaha Great post Jamie!


  7. Mark says:

    I definitely think a Lilly Pulitzer screen on a computer would be an absolutely perfect emoji for the sale.

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